With schools in the Kyrene district opening tomorrow, eager students and parents flooded the facilities of Centennial Middle School during last Wednesday’s Meet the Teacher/Curriculum night.

The event was from 5 to 8 p.m., yet the parking lot at the school was filled with cars a half hour before it began.

Eager students showed excitement chatting with their classmates in the multi-purpose area while waiting in line to receive their class schedules.

Along the walls of the multi-purpose room were sections divided in each grade level where students were to line up by their last name.

Outside, in the courtyard area of the school, the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) was selling bottled waters to parched parents and students roaming around the school getting familiarized with the facilities.

Along with receiving their class schedules, students were given lunch information, pricing on physical education uniforms and a directional map of the school to better assist them on where their classes are located.

Parents also received information about the school volunteer opportunities and the different involvement programs the PTO offers during the school term.

Superintendent of the Kyrene School District, Dr. David Schauer, was in attendance during Meet the Teacher at Centennial Middle School, speaking with parents and students throughout the event.

Schauer said during Meet the Teacher night, the school has a schedule where parents and kids can go to each one of their classes where instructors share information about what’s going to happen during the school year.

He added that people might think the students would wish they were still on break, but many of them are ready to come back and are filled with excitement.

“It’s not only the schedule and getting to know the teachers, but coming familiar with the overall campus,” Schauer said.

The meeting of each teacher for the students was broken up into six different periods, consisting of 20-minute intervals where the students were given a chance to familiarize themselves with the classroom and their teachers.

Newly-appointed Principal Joceyln Sims said the event is an opportunity for parents to come in and not only meet the teacher, but also know what their kids will be learning over the course of the year.

In Sims’ opinion, Meet the Teacher is one of the most exciting nights because the kids are excited about the start of the school year.

“Teachers have been working hard to create a positive culture, building relationships with students and family, and leading with that as a foundation on how we do business at Centennial,” Sims said. “So this is an opportunity to reach out, let the families know that we are here to meet the needs of all of our kids, and start on a really good note.”


During Thursday’s Meet the Teacher night 19 elementary schools in the Kyrene district also gave parents and students a chance to visit the schools and get better acclimated for the return of the school year.

Kyrene de los Lagos experienced heavy traffic of eager parents and students who were lining up outside the doors of the school’s multi-purpose room.

When the doors were open, parents and students formed lines to different areas of the room to gain information about class schedules, lunch programs, before-school and after-school programs and PTO information.

When the parents found out what teacher would be instructing their child, they were given an opportunity to visit the classroom to discuss any formalities they were concerned with.

First-grade teacher Sharon Johnson said the children are able to pick out their own desk and complete their name tags.

She believes Meet the Teacher night is an excellent way for students to feel more comfortable for the first day of school because they may be feeling a bit nervous.

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Through this article, I have remembered my first day at school, I was depressed and nervous because everything was new for me and I hope that these children will feel the same as I did in my childhood. I loved this reviews for edubirdie.com article because it was informative and fabulous.

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