Ahwatukee native Abhinav Goyal

Ahwatukee native Abhinav Goyal is bringing a unique cutlural spin as he headlines a comedy night Friday at Tempe Center for the Arts. He and the rest of the all-Indian cast will be cracking wise with lots of India references, though he said Indian humor is no different from Irish or British comedy.

Ahwatukee native Abhinav Goyal may have a bachelor’s degree in math and a master’s in construction management, but his heart is set on the stage.

He is a part-time comedian who decided to go for laughs because his friends say he’s funny.

Now, you can see what all the laughter is about when Goyal headlines a rare kind of comedy night at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 15, at Tempe Center for the Arts.

It’s unusual because it will reflect India to a large degree and all the acts are Indian.

It’s a night made for Goyal, because part of his shtick is “Indian comedy” and, more importantly, because he champions his heritage.

Indeed, he’s donating all proceeds from the show to the Indo-American Cultural and Religious Foundation, which promotes and supports Indo-American culture and activities and keeps the local Indian community together.

Tickets are $25 to $75 and are available at tca.ticketforce.com/ordertickets.asp?p=3886&src=eventperformances.

Goyal, 27, graduated from Desert Vista High School in 2010, and both his degrees are from Arizona State University.

He’s working his way toward a fulltime career as a comedian after getting into the laugh life because “people told me I was funny and I enjoy making people laugh.”

He doesn’t limit himself to Indian comedy – and he stresses that kind of comedy is distinguished by the same thing that “distinguishes Irish-oriented comedy or Italian-oriented comedy.

“It’s comedy that’s centered around experiences that a person has within that culture,” he said.

“I draw it from everyday life experiences,” he said. “I write it because it is part of my everyday life. However, it is not the only thing I write about.”

But when his act does reflect his heritage, Goyal added, it seems to click.

He’s performed across Arizona and in various major cities outside the state and said, “People tend to react positively and enjoy the humor because my goal is to make it accessible to everyone.”

Though he admits it’s tough to break into comedy as a fulltime gig, Goyal is maintaining an optimistic outlook.

“It’s tough to break into anything,” he said, “but with hard work it’s possible.”

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