Muders in Ahwatukee

Ahwatukee opened 2022 with two homicides in five days last week, one a matricide and the other on New Year’s Day that has rattled residents of an apartment complex.

Around 5 p.m. Jan. 5, police were called to a home near 5th Avenue and Chandler Boulevard after a caller to 911 said his mother had been shot and was dying, Phoenix Police said.

Once they arrived, the alleged shooter, Robert Kistner, 33, came outside with his hands up. 

Police found his mother, Monique Kistner, 60, dead inside. There were reports Kistner said he had a bad relationship with his parents, but that he gave no explanation for what led to the shooting. He was booked into jail on a first-degree murder charge.

Meanwhile, police are searching for an unnamed suspect in the Jan. 1 shooting death of 23-year-old Eduardo Roman Castillo at the Village at Lakewood complex, 15815 S. Lakewood Pkwy W., around 4 p.m.

Police in a brief release said that while officers rushed to the complex after a report about a shooting, the victim had “arrived at a nearby urgent care facility with a gunshot wound, advising he had been shot at the apartment complex.

“The adult male victim was transported from the urgent care to a local hospital where he was later pronounced deceased,” the release said. “Detectives responded to look for witnesses and evidence of what led up to the shooting. This investigation is ongoing.”

Residents, who requested anonymity, said there was more to the incident than what the release reported.

They said the suspect fired back at them, striking at least one patrol car. They also said that even though SWAT and other patrol vehicles crowded the complex parking lot, the suspect got away.

They also said neighbors saw the suspect return mid-afternoon Jan. 2 to grab some belongings he had left behind.

Police declined to answer AFN’s questions about the shots that were fired at police, how the suspect got away and if they knew his identity.

Told that some residents wondered why police had not maintained a presence after they were processing the scene of the shooting, Police Sgt. Andy Williams replied:

“If a business wants police officers to provide security at a location for extended periods of time, they are able to hire them in an off-duty capacity since on-duty officers are tasked with responding to calls for service. It does not appear there were any off-duty officers hired. 

“The safety of our community is the number one priority of the Phoenix Police Department. We ensure this by leveraging resources in an efficient manner based on intelligence-driven information. We also encourage members of the community to call police if they see something suspicious.”

One resident expressed concern that the unnamed suspect, who does not appear to have been a tenant there, was on the loose.

That resident said the locks on the complex gate have been in disrepair for some time and that the lights needed to be replaced.

“Many of the tenants are on edge,” the resident said, adding that just a couple days before the shooting, in an unrelated incident, a man tried to abduct two teen girls who were walking on the street near the complex. The tenant said a passing motorist intervened and held the man captive until police arrived.

Phoenix Police public affairs officials said they had no information about that incident. 

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