A new plan is being discussed for the beleagured Club West Golf Course

With the Club West HOA board preparing to hold its annual election and organizational meeting Thursday and escrow scheduled to expire Friday on a deal by four investors to buy the Club West Golf Course, a new plan is in the works for the site.

And the plan may involve turning the course into a preserve, according to the spokesman for the four investors who comprise the Edge Team.

Edge Team spokesman Matt Shearer told AFN that his group is meeting with both the Concerned Club West Homeowners and the Club West Conservancy  to discuss the course and that he and his colleagues would present a new plan at the HOA board’s next regular meeting March 19.

“The CCWH is preparing a proposal to convert the property to a preserve with some amenities and the CWC is working on a similar solution that would create a conservancy,” he said.

“Per our mission statement, we will consider serious proposals for the land and disseminate the honest details of any proposal to the entire community.”

The Edge Team has a tentative deal with course owner Wilson Gee to buy the course.

Originally, it wanted to sell part of it to a home developer while making it shorter, though with still 18 holes.

That effort hit a wall when Taylor Morrison pulled out of the deal in reaction to adverse reaction from some of the community’s 2,700 homeowners.

Homeowners whose property abuts the course – and who paid as much as $60,000 in premium lot prices to be there – said the plan for 162 single- and two-story houses would cost them their mountain views.

Gee, who put the course up for sale in 2018 at $850,000, said he hasn’t heard from the Edge Team and doesn’t know what will happen when the expiration date hits on March 6.

“It’s really up to them,” he told AFN. “I’m staying out of it.”

Asked if he would extend the deadline if the Edge Team requested an extension, Gee said, “They have to make that decision.”

Several weeks ago, he called the tentative agreement “fluid” and did not rule out an extension of escrow.

The Club West HOA board holds its annual meeting and board elections March 5.

It promises to be an interesting session since board members may be asked about a demand it received from the Conservancy that it rescind changes it made to the way the course’s land-use regulations could be amended.

The Conservancy said the board was making the changes improperly behind closed doors and contends 75 percent of Club West’s 2,700 homeowners must approve any changes to the golf course’s covenants conditions and restrictions.

Conservancy President Matt Tyler said the nonprofit’s attorney has not received a formal reply from the board to its demands.

The Conservancy also wants the board to start legal action against Gee to force him to live up to the CC&Rs and restore the course while the community works with the board to determine the course’s future

The Concerned Club West Homeowners group has not agreed on what course of action it should take as the board wrestles with the problem.

 Some members of that group had voiced support for some houses on the course, but the Conservancy maintains that would be unfair to owners of homes abutting it.

When the board met two weeks ago, it had been scheduled to decide whether to have the community vote on changing the covenants, conditions and restrictions for the course and pave the way for the Edge Team’s plan – which also included installing an 18-hole putting course and a new club house along with 162 houses.

The Edge Team said reconfiguring the course was impossible unless the project could be funded through selling 52 acres to Taylor Morrison.

Shearer said he and his colleagues will use their website, Theedge.golf, for any new information on the course before the HOA board’s March 19 meeting.

On the site, The Edge Team states its mission as “to guide the future of the Club West Golf property and keep the fate of the land in the hands of our community. We are open to all input from the community.”

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