Minnah Peper (left) and Emma Kingston (right) had worked on several online projects together over the years before deciding to form their own company, Lime59.

After working on projects together for years as designer and developer Emma Kingston and Minnah Peper decided to make it official and form their own company in 2012, Lime59, providing complete online marketing services to local businesses.

The two women have been working in their individuals fields for years for corporations or on small volunteer projects, but coming together has allowed them to become a one-stop shop for all online marketing needs. They can take a business from business cards and logo design through setting up their website and getting it listed at the top of major search engines, and even filling a company’s social media needs.

“We’re more than just web developers,” Kingston said. “We’re really interested in their business and helping them succeed in whatever way that is. Sometimes the return on investment is very clear, sometime sit’s less clear. Either way we’re there to help them succeed.”

The women say their online marketing business is different because of all they can provide in such an intimate setting. They’re not a large design studio, but they can still provide all those services and make a company’s website really stand out.

“We have seen a million websites out there and so many end up looking about the same,” Peper said. “I like to think that sets us apart. We get to know our clients a lot better and can understand who their client is and what they’re looking for and build a site to tailor to that.”

Both women have been in the business since its infancy. Kingston said she began tinkering with computer programming when she was getting her business degree in Ireland. That love for exploring a computer’s potential and learning to write code has never stopped as she went on to work for Sun Microsystems as a webmaster and began managing web projects for companies of all sizes.

As an artist, Peper always knew she wanted to get into graphic design and got the chance to diversify into online design while working for an advertising agency in their interactive department. She holds a degree in graphic design from Arizona State University and has worked for companies like Volvo, Honda, the Virginia Lottery, Reston Hospital and Staley Martin Homes.

For more information on the company, visit or call (202) 415-8790.

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