Andres Adan Barraza

Andres Adan Barraza

I was born and raised in Tempe Arizona and I graduated from Marcos de Niza High School in 2002. I studied economics and statistics at Arizona State University and afterwards, I served as a Senior Firefighter and Incident Commander Type‐5 with USFS Cave Creek Fire Department.

In 2014 I started a coffee import company with my son, who in May also graduated from Marcos de Niza high school.

I am passionate about mentorship and service to my community. I coach Little League in Tempe, tutor students in mathematics, physics and economics and serve as a committee member with the school district.

I am running to strengthen student programs and services in our schools, grow post‐graduate opportunities for students after graduation from colleges to trade schools to job placement.

Lastly, I am running to ensure that educators and community members have a continual voice in our schools as we move forward.

I am very proud to have graduated from our community. So much so that I invested in my son’s education here in our district.

Now, I am ready to give back to the community that supported me and gave me so much opportunity. Please vote for me and give me the privilege to serve you

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After reading the post well I have learned that the author is doing a great job. Students are the main asset of our nation. If they are strong then our nation can grow. I am very impressed by Find Out More info about the work the author is doing.

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