ACT presents 'The Wedding Singer'

The summer line up at Ahwatukee Children’s Theater (ACT) includes a brand new children’s musical, an educational classic and a high-energy rendition of “The Wedding Singer.”

This summer, kids in kindergarten through fifth grade can register to take part in “The Magic Tree House.” The musical is based on the popular children’s series and follows a young boy and girl who find a magical tree house that takes them back through time. The musical was only recently released and has never been performed before at ACT.

“I’m really excited about the ‘Magic Treehouse,’” said co-director for the show, Bailey Isenberg. “It’s new for us, we haven’t done it before, and it hasn’t been done widely through the Valley either so it’s not overdone. It’s so great because it’s based off the children’s books everyone knows and loves. The books are timeless through the ages so it will hit a bunch of age groups. Parents can re-live their past and now it just adds music to it, which is really fun to see those stories come to life.”

“The Magic Tree House, the Musical” will be offered in June and July.

Kindergarten through eighth-graders can take part in “School House Rock Live.” The musical features several solos and will teach kids about parts of speech and historical events. “School House Rock Live” will be offered in June.

In July, seventh-graders through high-schoolers will have the chance to be a part of “The Wedding Singer.” The musical follows the popular Adam Sandler movie, but adds several songs throughout.

Each camp lasts three weeks, ending with a live performance for family and friends.

“The kids are always excited to do stuff with us, but there’s a different kind of excitement over the summer,” Isenberg said. “I think it really stems from seeing them every day of the week. We see them five days a week for about three hours at a time and they get a snack break and a social break to relax and hang out with each other. Some of the friendships made during the summer are everlasting. You meet someone who loves to do what you love to do and you get to spend the whole summer with them and you get to share together in the performance.”

Vocal Camp will also be offered for one week in July for kids of all ages to perfect their technique and stage presence.

For the first time this year all-day options are available.

“It’s a great way to spend the summer,” said Michele Rubino, owner and founder of ACT. “It’s so hot outside, it’s nice to stay in a cool air-conditioned theater. They’ll be dancing so they won’t be sitting around and being bored. They’ll be up, dancing, meeting friends in a positive place. I think the shows we’ve chosen this summer are just phenomenal. I’m really excited to be able to offer them to the kids.”

For full pricing and to register, visit ACT is located at 5051 E. Elliot Road.

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