Wild Horse Motorsports Park Dinosaurs

These animatronic dinosaurs will be lining the track at the Wild Horse Motorsports Park all month for a drive-thru show.

Instead of sleek race cars roaring around, families can find something else along the track at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park this month: dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Drive-Thru, touted by its promoters as “the ultimate traveling dinosaur experience,” will run through Nov. 29 at the park, located off the I-10 just south of the Chandler interchange.

Guests stay in their vehicles – they are not allowed to ride in the bed of pickup trucks – and pass “60 life-sized, museum-quality and animatronic dinosaurs that will entertain, engage, educate and amaze kids of all ages,” promotors said.

Each dinosaur is labeled in chronological order of the years it roamed the earth and an interactive audio tour guide talks about each species.

A free trivia game also keeps visitors engaged and the winner in each vehicle gets a “dino guru certificate.”

Tickets are $49 per car, which can include up to eight people, and $79 for larger vehicles. 

Owner Troy Diskin said in a release, “We have no doubt the kids will love the show, but we really want the adults to feel like kids again too. Seeing all of these incredible life-sized dinosaurs moving around or feeling the vibration in your chest from the roar of a 40-foot-tall T. Rex should do the trick.” 

According to the attraction’s website, people are not allowed to leave their vehicle during the tour and they won’t get a chance to do a second trip around the track unless they buy another ticket.

Tickets are for sale at dinosaurdrivethru.com.

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