Marlene Strang and Leanne Schmidt

Marlene Strang and Leanne Schmidt are bringing a series of comedic pop-up events to Chandler this month.

A popular comedy duo is bringing its traveling comedy pop-up drive-in show for the first time to the East Valley this month and they’ve picked Chandler as the place to do it.

Following their sold-out performances in May and June, comediennes Marlene Strang and Leanne Schmidt, billing themselves as  “The Ladies,” are bringing their pop-up drive-in show, “Ladies in the Headlights!” Aug. 7- 8, 14 -15 with show times at 7:45 pm and 8:15 pm on Fridays and 7:45 pm, 8:15 pm and 8:45 pm on Saturdays.

Co-produced with the Chandler Center for the Arts, “Ladies in the Headlights” is a 15 minute performance designed for parking lots. Audience members reserve a parking spot, drive in, and watch The Ladies perform by the light of their high-beams and to the soundtrack broadcast through their car radios.

The catch is that when you buy a ticket, you won’t know where to go until 24 hours before the actual show.

All that their publicist would say was “The Ladies will be performing in some of Chandler’s iconic locales.” 

Participants tune their car radios to 88.1 FM to hear the performance and curbside food orders will be available to complete the live experience.

Tickets are $19.99 per car and on sale at

“Set in a parking lot and performed to a soundtrack as varied as Kenny G and Ultra Lounge, The Ladies break free from the pressures of motherhood and housework by expressing themselves with their best moves,” the publicist said, adding:

“The result is an utterly wacky and uproarious show as audiences delight in their zany physical comedy, laugh at their charming awkwardness and see what happens when we can be released from taking life too seriously.”

Shuttered since mid-March, the Chandler Center for the Arts is an enthusiastic partner.

“We are so excited to bring this fun show to locations around Chandler. ‘The Ladies’ have found a way for people to experience a live show while promoting local businesses at the same time,” said Michelle Mac Lennan, the center’s general manager.

The Ladies are described as “a zany, awkward pair of moms, clinging to the past to get through today.”

Strang and Schmidt have been performing together since 2017. 

Professionally trained dancers, they have been featured at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn, the Beta Dance Festival in Phoenix, Center for Visual Arts in Denver, the Regional Alternative Dance Festival in Kalamazoo and were showcased at the 50th Anniversary of Dance at ASU. 

Previous productions include “Ladies Gone Mild” and “Let Your Lady Out” in venues around the Valley. 

Schmidt describes herself as “incredibly good at hiding vegetables in her toddler’s baked goods” and often presented shows that were comical in nature with her dance company for nine years in New York City.

When she moved to Phoenix, she thought it was time to “settle down,” so she became an adjunct professor of dance. 

Strang is an educator, choreographer and performer based in Arizona. She teaches dance at Grand Canyon University and Arizona State University. 

She served as the director of curriculum and instruction for Colorado Ballet and dance programming associate at the Kennedy Center. She also has been a guest artist at the Midwest Regional Alternative Dance Festival (RAD Fest), the Dance and Film Festival at Triskelion Arts, Denver Art Museum, Cherry Creek Art Denver Festival, Anne Green Gilbert’s Kaleidoscope Dance Company, Colorado Ballet, Metropolitan State University and Beta Dance Festival.

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