Danica Patrick

Former racecar driver Danica Patrick has pivoted from the track to the wine cellar with a new wine named after her.

Former racecar driver Danica Patrick acknowledges that her reasons for offering rosé wine aren’t necessarily classy or politically correct, but they’re true. 

“I like to drink it,” said the Scottsdale resident with a laugh.

Patrick collaborated with the Margnat family for Danica Rosé, which is made in Provence, France. She chose the region because it’s the oldest winemaking region in France, where rosé is a specialty and a long-standing way of life. Provence is perfectly suited to make rosé, thanks to the climate, terroir and grape varietals.

The wine comes in an elegant custom glass bottle that pays homage to the blend’s French origin. Danica Rosé is available online for Arizonans. The brand is slated to expand into retail stores nationwide later this year. 

Patrick’s path to appreciating wine came from her racing days in England, where she discovered her love of wine. As her world travels took her to Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and South Africa, her passion for wine led her to purchase a vineyard in Napa Valley and started her own wine brand, Somnium. 

“Back in 2006, I took a trip to Napa Valley and thought, ‘Man, it would be cool to have something like this someday,’” she recalls. “In 2009, I bought property and I sold my first bottle in 2017. 

“Since then, I’ve been expanding the wine portfolio and just being in the business itself, this opportunity to make a rosé in France came up. I jumped because I love wine and I love rosé. The thread that’s the most important thread is that it is in line with my core values and what I stand for. Those things only grow over time.”

Patrick said as she sheds the things she “has” to do, she’s able to do what she “wants.” Through her wine—or any other project for that matter—she hopes people see two of her key values, which are integrity and authenticity.

“Hopefully, if people don’t like me, they can feel my authenticity,” she said. “I hope they observe that in their own reality. If they have a different opinion—no matter who they are—I’m authentic to them and that can be respected. There’s nothing more authentic than making rosé in Provence, where it originated.”

Besides authenticity, her core values are honesty, truth, effort, commitment, dedication, passion and care. She is passionate about rosé.

“Rosé is so popular right now,” she said. “Appropriately so. Rosé is such a crowd pleaser. I feel everybody loves rosé or likes rosé. It’s versatile when it comes to food. I think it’s the most versatile.”

Patrick is calling from her Scottsdale home’s dining room, which has large windows that overlook the Sonoran Desert. 

“We sit outside all the time,” she said. “It’s too cold at night to sit outside now. For most of the year, it’s great.”

Her other favorite Valley activities are trying new restaurants or visiting her hangs, like Mission in Old Town or Zinc Bistro at Kierland. Patrick also enjoys traveling to the red rocks of Sedona. 

“I’m such a hippy at heart,” she said. “I go and get my psychic reading. I go to my favorite vegan restaurant, even though I’m not vegan. I love the versatility, the connection in nature is so good here. It’s so easy to be here, whether it’s out hiking or biking.”

She quickly interrupts herself. 

“True Food Kitchen. How can I forget that,” she said. “And Flower Child. It’s the baseline for a basic, quick grab for healthy food.”

Danica Rosé is the latest expression of her passion. 

“My appreciation for wine and the winemaking process has grown tremendously over the past 15 years. The Danica Rosé is the type of French rosé that I enjoy drinking year-round, it is crisp and light with well-balanced acidity.”

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