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Caffe Boa founder and owner Scott Rennard offers a a wide variety of dishes on a menu that he likes to change up from time to time to keep things interesting. 

Ahwatukee’s well-established Caffe Boa opened its doors in 1995.

Located at 5063 East Elliot Road, its original location, this restaurant has been serving up delicious Italian dishes with an Arizona twist for 24 years, and they won’t be taking a break anytime soon.

“In all the years since we opened back in 1995, we have seen countless restaurants come and go or change ownership in the Ahwatukee area, we are thankful for our continued success,” said Scott Rennard, founder of Caffe Boa.

As the restaurant scene in Ahwatukee gets harder to navigate, restaurants like Caffe Boa must step up their game in order to stay in business, he said.

“As any business can be difficult, the restaurant industry has seen a dramatic increase in things such as labor costs, food costs, insurance costs. But with such adversity you must adapt,” said Rennard.

Rennard was born and raised in the restaurant culture of St. Louis, Missouri — the home to some of the best restaurants in America, he noted.

He has since brought a Southwestern flair to his kitchen with incredible dishes for years.

“There’s a little bit of everything for everyone here at Caffe Boa, from our pasta dishes, sandwiches, salads, fresh seafood selections, steaks, appetizers, dessert menu, full bar and extensive wine list,” added Rennard.

The menu isn’t always the same, either.

“We update our menu every so often and also provide some nice board menu items which we like to rotate based on seasonal fresh fish options and things like that,” said Rennard.

Rennard also pays attention to making sure the ambience matches the quality of the food.

He said he aims to make customers feel comfortable both with their service and their amenities, such as the restaurant’s award-winning spacious patio.

“There is nothing in the area like Caffe Boa with our unique menu options, patio dining, classic dishes and desserts. Our famous Boa Butter Cake comes to mind,” said Rennard.

“Customers can come in dressed casually or in suit and tie and feel comfortable. We have the best patio seating in all of Ahwatukee and have held countless rehearsal dinners, graduation parties, weddings, etc. Out on our patio, it’s just a great place with surrounding bougainvillea and trees,” he added.

Rennard lives in the Foothills with his wife, Linda, and his three children but he puts a priority on balancing time between his business and family.

“Keeping your personal life and family time separate from the business has proven to be a most successful strategy,” he said.

“The restaurant business can be all consuming and when everyone is out on vacation or enjoying their weekend, we are at work, so that can be difficult. But you must find time to spend with family and friends, and we have been fortunate to do that. Most important is having a great staff in place to watch over things while you’re away and that is the key to any successful business,” he said.

Rennard feels the community has recognized Caffe Boa’s quality food and service.

“We feel we still can deliver a superior experience, with service and food, and in the end that’s what customers expect to get when they visit with us,” said Rennard.

Information: or call 480-893-3331.

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