Lenny Kravitz

Musician Lenny Kravitz plans to play some of his best-known songs as well as some new ones when he plays in Phoenix this Wednesday

Lenny Kravitz likes to look forward. 

On tour and hitting the Comerica Theatre Wednesday, Sept. 18, Kravitz will perform hits like “Let Love Rule” and “Mama Said.” But part of his two-and-a-half-hour set will be dedicated to tracks from his 2018 critically acclaimed album “Raise Vibration.”

“We’ve been enjoying playing as much of the repertoire as we can,” Kravitz said. “I’m also playing a substantial amount of new music, which has been going over well. It’s encouraging.” 

“The shows have been powerful for us and the audience. It’s been an exercise in community and unity and that’s what it’s really about.”

Kravitz elevates the union of rock, funk, blues and soul. He says he felt he was reborn during the recording process of this album. “It was beautiful,” he said. “It was exactly what I needed,” Kravitz explained.

Kravitz described his creative process saying, “I play everything and write it. There are a lot of different colors I can use and places I can go to (for inspiration).” Sometimes he takes long drives to find the inspiration needed to create new music.

Kravitz believes people are standing up to say, “I’ve had enough of racism,” war, destruction of the environment as well as the greed and dishonesty of world leaders. This inspired his newest hit single.

A dream brought about the single “It’s Enough,” a powerful take on the tense, decisive rumination on the global state of affairs. 

“We’ve got to get back on track toward moving forward through higher understanding.”

Reveling in the soul, rock and funk influences of the ’60s and ’70s, Kravitz is known as a writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist who won Grammy Awards and set the record for the most wins in the Best Male Rock Performance category. 

Kravitz is modest about his success. 

“Things come when they are meant to come. That’s the way it’s always worked, from my first album to now. Things come as they come. It may be different than what you thought would come.” 

His creative firm Kravitz Design Inc. routinely lends its talents to hotel properties, condo projects, private residences and some businesses.

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