Marcia and David Garnice

Marcia and David Garnice are grateful to his parents for the opportunity they provided for the couple to move to Ahwatukee.

Wow!  What a move we made! My husband David and I made a 2,500-mile move from Maryland to come to live in Ahwatukee in November 2012.  

It all started back in 1976 when Ahwatukee was the subdivision and many cotton fields existed. My in-laws moved here then, and we came to visit every few years. 

We saw Ahwatukee grow to a great neighborhood.

In 2011, when our last parent passed away, my husband and I chose to buy their house.  

It was like the house was calling us to be in Ahwatukee.  

It was not an easy decision to make. It took awhile to make the right decision. Arizona was hot, but drier than back east. The humidity, cold and snow, our children were a big factor in making that decision. 

When we arrived at the house in Ahwatukee, it was not empty. The furniture was still in the house and now we had our items.

This was a challenge to maneuver around everything and see what was going to go or stay.  It was hard, but once we got started, it went a little smoother.  

Through the years as our parents grew older, it was harder for them to keep up the house. All we needed to do was give it a little tender loving care.  Some of our children came to visit and they decided to move here in Ahwatukee also.  

Some of our grandchildren were born here too.

Through the years, we found an interesting factor about the area. We have talked to people in different states and areas in Arizona. We found most subdivisions were not as clean or kept up as with Ahwatukee.  

This area was great looking back in 1976 and still as nice looking now in 2020.  Ahwatukee is centrally located and in the middle of everything.  You have places to go towards in the east and west for everyday travel. 

You can visit places north to get to cooler weather with a reasonable time. You may travel south to see many other tourists’ attractions, again with reasonable time to travel.

When we closed on the house and before we moved in, we received a phone call from the Ahwatukee Recreation Center welcoming us to the neighborhood. We felt good that someone thought of us before we even moved in.  

That was one thing we did not have in any other moves we made.

There were certain people we will always remember and be grateful for as to why we moved to Ahwatukee in the first place.  

Since our Mom and Dad lived here for over 35 years and tried to get us to move here too, it was not our time to do so.  Whether it was jobs, children, or just not right at the time.

Then when the time came in 2012, we moved here. We bought their house and everything they told us about Ahwatukee was true.  

The area, people, shopping and just being here made us feel welcomed.  We have been living here now eight years and loved every minute of it. 

We will not only remember our parents because they were our parents but because if they had not moved here in the first place, we would not be living in Ahwatukee in the second place.

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