Detoxifying ones body can be a painful hassle many tend to quit before starting, however, A-Peeling Faces in Ahwatukee is offering an improved treatment to assist anyone interested in improving their exterior beauty.

The treatment is known as Lypossage, an all-natural technique combining lymphatic drainage and deep tissue massage, requiring zero medication.

Due to her career, Darla Salem, owner of A-Peeling Faces, 3936 E. Chandler Blvd., Suite 211, is required to complete a continuation of education where she picks new techniques to study and perform at her business.

She stumbled upon Lypossage classes being offered in Las Vegas, and decided to learn what the treatment was all about.

Salem received her certification to perform the treatments in June, and began working her new skill on one of her close friends, where she lost a little over 5 inches from her waist line.

Lypossage centers on three main zones of the body: lower body, upper body and the face.

In the lower-body region, Lypossage aims to diminish the appearance of cellulite, improving the muscles and skin tone.

“It’s an all-natural body contouring treatment, and it’s pretty much for texture and detoxification,” Salem said. “So they’re looking better and feeling better externally as well as internally. When they leave here they feel energized.”

Lypossage also diminishes weight loss in the arms and abdomen region, improving circulation and lymphatic, and tones sagging tissue in the face, decreasing the appearance of wrinkles.

In addition to creating cosmetic benefits, Lypossage treatment enhances a person’s overall health, giving them more confidence in their own body.

The program does not center on losing weight, yet some of Salem’s patients have experienced some weight loss, but treatments are mainly focused more towards losing inches and creating better skin texture.

“If you do something twice a week, good or bad for your body, you’re going to see a benefit or a negative result depending on what you are doing,” Salem said. “I was happy to bring on a new service.”

Her description of Lypossage is more of a “passive workout” where her patients are involving themselves in something that will change their appeal, whether for physical change or detoxifying their body.

The program spans over a six- to eight-week period, where patients receive a 25-minute Lypossage at least twice a week.

Mitzie Weed, who underwent the Lypossage, said she was unsure about the treatment and wasn’t too convinced the program would work.

During her six-week treatments, Weed did not change her diet or exercise because she was interested in seeing if the Lypossage would still work.

She was amazed with the results, dropping two pants sizes, now advocating the program to her colleagues and friends.

“It’s kind of having an internal facial… and it’s kind of like getting a free massage, so it’s a bonus,” Weed said.

For more information about Lypossage and to schedule a free consultation, call (480) 540-7555.

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