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The 44th St. entrance of Pecos North on Thursday, June 27, 2013.

Three board members have been recalled, a new management company has been hired, and a search for a new law firm is well under way in the Pecos North Homeowners Association.

Board members Sharron Peek, June Peele and Joann Pompa were all recalled during an election on July 17. Petitions to recall director Peg Strachan were never turned in so she was not part of the recall election. Strachan remains on the board with Rick Milot.

Now, the remaining two board members and community members will have to decide whether to hold a special election for three new board members or wait until the general election for the HOA board in November. The HOA will need to explore options and what can be done legally.

The next Pecos North HOA meeting is scheduled for Aug. 8 at 7 p.m. at Ironwood Library, 4333 E. Chandler Blvd. All Pecos North community members are invited to attend. At that board meeting the election for new board members will be decided.

According to Strachan, the three board members were recalled because they refused to find a new management company after community members complained about Metro Property Services. The three recalled members claim there was never any discussion about firing Metro during an HOA meeting. They believe Strachan started the recall election because they refused to get involved in a personal complaint she had against a neighbor.

Pecos North was the first HOA in Arizona to recall board members when the law was first passed in 2005. At that time the situation was very similar. The board was receiving complaints about the management company, City Property Management, and three board members refused to fire the company. Three board members were recalled and City was let go. 

Now, Pecos North has re-hired City Property Management, the same company they fired in 2005. 

“The problem was the community manager we had at that time, the prevailing party did not like her,” said Brian Lincks, president of City Property Management. “At that time we said if the board didn’t like the manager we would step aside and exit the scene if it’s not going to be a professional working relationship. The reason they are coming back is they realize we will have that professional working relationship again, guiding them in the right way.”

Lincks said City has received several calls from Strachan over the years asking for advice for different situations. They have always tried to remain a resource for HOAs, even ones they don’t manage. He believes Pecos North has rehired the company because they’ve always been professional and for one stable cost.

For other HOAs that find themselves in a similar situation, Lincks said this Arizona law does allow for communities of less than 1,000 members to recall board members, but the easier solution is to stay involved from the beginning.

“If homeowners are not being listened to by board members then this is the process the state of Arizona gave community members to take their community back,” he said. “It’s not pretty. It divides communities. I encourage all residents to be involved in board meetings on a regular basis and express their opinions. If the board members don’t follow the majority then you should vote at the annual meetings so these recalls don’t happen.”

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