Clay Diggs

The benches that Clay Diggs and his team made for Centennial Middle School were a welcomed addition to the campus.

An Ahwatukee Boy Scout has earned Scouting’s highest rank.

Clay Diggs, a Mountain Pointe High School senior, recently was inducted as an Eagle Scout.

The son of David and Nancy Diggs of Ahwatukee, Clay, who has been involved in Scouting for 12 years – five as a Cub Scout and seven as a Boy Scout – Clay launched a project to benefit Centennial Middle School as his Eagle project.

“I built three 6-foot benches for the courtyard at Centennial Middle School,” he said.

He raised enough money for his project that he had some left over. So, he used the surplus to buy plants that were added to Centennial’s landscape. 

“I wanted to help out Centennial because I went there,” he explained. 

“An Eagle Scout project has to help out the community in some way. I enjoy building things and working with my hands.”

The project took about 100 hours.

“That includes planning, obtaining funds, actually building and installation, he said.  

“I held two build-days of about 8 hours total in which Troop 278 boys helped cut wood, sand, paint and assemble the benches.”

To raise money, Clay collected used electronics and sold them to a technology recycler.  And to get volunteers, he reached out to his fellow Scouts in Troop 278, to which he belongs.

“It was hard to fundraise during COVID,” he said.  

But he learned a lot from the project – as Eagle Scouts often do.

“Appropriate equipment makes the project get completed faster,” he said. “Leading a bunch of 13-year-old boys is hard.”

He said the benches are being used and are “holding up well after a year in the sun.”

Best of all, he added, “Centennial was overjoyed to get the benches.”

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