Copper Moon Yoga

Copper Moon Yoga in Ahwatukee offers a wide variety of yoga classes that enable people to stretch deeper.

Ahwatukee resident and business owner Anna Ebert finds flipping upside down on a daily basis a freeing practice she said almost makes her feel like a kid again.

Ebert is not alone as a growing number of locals, ages 5 to 70, are choosing aerial yoga at Ahwatukee’s Copper Moon Yoga, calling it an exhilarating way to relax and heal.

The aerial yoga classes are popular with men and women, who dangle from the soft fabric aerial hammocks in one of Copper Moon Yoga’s three rooms set aside exclusively for aerial yoga.

Most participants combine aerial yoga with other yoga classes. 

Copper Moon Yoga, owned by Tina Trevino, opened in December 2018. 

Aerial yoga was offered from opening day, and is now one of more than 50 yoga and pilates classes taught at the studio, 4825 E. Warner Road, Ahwatukee.

Ebert, who owns Funnel Cake Social Media – a social media education company with clients nationwide – said she has included aerial yoga as a regular part of her own daily exercise routine.

“I’ve been practicing traditional yoga and aerial yoga at the studio almost daily now since August, and it’s something I look forward to every day,” said Ebert, an 11-year Ahwatukee resident.

“In addition to a new mental and physical challenge, aerial yoga literally shakes up your workout and frees you to almost be a kid again,” she explained.

“I own a business and work from home, so mentally, whether it’s the middle of my workday, or the end of it, inverting and flipping upside down is a fantastic mental reset to literally see things from a new perspective and clear my head.”

She said the aerial yoga classes enabled her to tackle her aversion to inversions in other yoga classes – which had been a stumbling block. 

“It’s helped me remove the fear I had surrounding inversions, so it’s helped my regular yoga practice expand, too. Another aspect of aerial yoga I love is the ability to stretch deeper. 

“Like many, I carry tension in my shoulders that can lead to migraines, and I find the deeper stretch I can safely achieve in aerial yoga while supported by the hammocks offers tremendous relief. And you do get spoiled once you’ve experienced a decadent savasana in the hammocks,” she said, referring to the final resting yoga pose with arms and legs akimbo.

“I’m grateful we live in a community where so many fitness options are available, and I encourage everyone to try an aerial yoga class to see if it’s a fit for them,” she said. 

Even as aerial yoga has people exercising in one of 12 hammocks made of two-way stretch lycra fabric and hanging from the ceiling, it doesn’t require experience in acrobatics.

“I know there’s sometimes a misconception aerial yoga means you have to be Cirque du Soleil-ready, and there are so many talented people at that level, but I love Copper Moon makes aerial yoga safely accessible for many aerial yoga levels,” said Ebert, adding:

 “I don’t know that I’ve ever been in other workout classes where there’s everyone from elementary school kids to senior citizens, and we’re all bonded by the joy of flipping life upside down.”

Kevin DeFoe of Chandler is a regular at Copper Moon Yoga – and has been since it opened. He is often accompanied by his daughters Jayden and Brooklyn, 14 and 13 respectively.

The girls often frequent aerial yoga. Their dad is a self-proclaimed fan of the Hot Flow classes and the Mercury Sculpt Yoga class, which includes optional free weights.

“I do take aerial classes now and then, and highly recommend men and women take any of Copper Moon’s classes depending on what they want to accomplish. For me, I like the hot classes to help with losing weight, cleansing and muscle stretching,” DeFoe said.

Director of Operations at the Gilbert office of H.K. Techfloor, DeFoe said ongoing back and shoulder issues led him to yoga.

“Since I’ve started yoga, I no longer have the back issues, and sleep much better at night,” he said, adding:

“After a long day at work I can take an evening class and it gives me that hour to just relax and focus on my body and relieve the stress from the day. Aerial yoga is not only fun to do, it helps with the stretching and builds strength throughout the body.”

He takes three to five classes weekly, saying he’d “take more if I could.”

Trevino, an Arizona native, said she decided on her business name, Copper Moon Yoga, for several reasons.

“Copper is a living metal transforming itself and transfers energy, and it is also an ode to Arizona where I’m lucky to be from,” she explained. 

“We also have Bisbee turquoise blue in our logo to represent Arizona. And the moon? The moon has a constant influence on us whether we are aware of it or not; I’ve always been fascinated by this stealthy power.”

With her mother Christine Trevino of Tempe as a silent partner, Tina opened Copper Moon Yoga in December 2018.

“I’ve always known I wanted to own a studio and have one with multiple rooms.  We have the aerial room, the radiant heat room for hot yoga classes, and the unheated room for most other classes including mat work, chair yoga and pilates,” she said. “I really believe anybody of any age can practice and benefit from yoga.”

Tina Trevino began her yoga experience while living on the islands of Oahu and Maui in Hawaii. 

She took her yoga teacher training in Las Vegas where she said there is a huge and active yoga community.

She knew she wanted to offer aerial yoga as a class option after she’d experienced it herself.

“I’d taken a few aerial yoga classes in 2017 and they’d intrigued me. In my personal yoga practice, I felt I’d plateaued, and with aerial I felt I was able to go deeper, exceeding those places I had already been.”

Copper Moon Yoga has 10 teachers, one of whom is ‘Yogi Michael’ – aka Michael Warner, who had his own yoga business in Ahwatukee in 2006-2009 before moving out of state. He returned to the Valley after his grandmother’s health began failing. 

His own introduction to yoga was in 1999, following a serious injury interrupting a nascent soccer career.

“I was on track for playing for the Seattle Sounders but then had a terrible plantaris muscle injury,” he explained. 

“My self-esteem was depleted, and then I found this new form of movement where I could still be somewhat competitive, but yet in a beautiful way,” said Warner, adding that he teaches various yoga classes daily but gravitates “toward the more restorative.”

Trevino said all ages can use yoga as an exercise, and Copper Moon Yoga’s Mini Moonbeams Yoga is proof of the early introduction. 

Here, children ages 5 to 10 learn to cultivate self-health and “inner fulfillment” in a fun and energetic atmosphere. 

Copper Moon’s 75-minute aerial yoga or yoga parties have also proved to be a popular draw for children, teens and adults.  The studio is also available to rent for other events.

A schedule of monthly classes is available on their website  A new client promotion, ‘30 days for $30’ offers an introduction to all classes offered. An option for private instruction is also possible.

Ebert joins other clients in her praise for Copper Moon, owner Tina Trevino and her staff. 

“Tina provides such a Zen environment, and she and her team are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about what they do,” Ebert said. “I appreciate that Tina really listens to students, and continuously adds new class levels and instructors to meet our needs.”

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