Estrella opens mindfulness room for students, staff

Kyrene de la Estrella students and staff can use the Calm Cove, a mindfulness room, to decompress if the day gets to stressful. (Kyrene School District)

Students and staff in the Kyrene de la Estrella community now have a place to recharge, relax and self-regulate before retuning to their classrooms or other duties.

The Calm Cove is a physical, community-created space that is open to students and staff alike who may need a few moments to reset and take on the rest of the day with a refreshed mindset for learning or instruction.

Estrella counselor Jessie Davis had experience creating the Zen Den at Kyrene de la Sierra and was the catalyst for the creation of the Calm Cove.

The space came to life with support from Estrella Parent Teacher Organization, Donors Choose grants, items found at Goodwill and staff donations.

“Last year, I had the opportunity to collaborate at my previous site and admin to create a meditation room for staff, funded through a grant obtained by the principal,” Davis said.

“I enjoyed designing a space where everything in it had intention by appealing to all the senses to curate a relaxing space.”

The Calm Cove features stations designed to capture the needs of just about anyone who could benefit from a mindful moment.

Students and staff can press pause in a variety of stations, such as in a tent with a cozy rug, pillows or weighted lap pads.

Other stations include a calming corner with yoga mats, a book station with rocking chairs, a sand table, a sensory fidget table, an art and journaling station, affirmation board, essential oil area and the student favorite: a “rainbow road” of sensory tiles to step on.

The Calm Cove is used in a variety of ways, from one student that needs a break to whole-class lessons, small group counseling, even staff meetings and impromptu team lunches.

The Calm Cove is just one example of Estrella’s focus on social emotional learning and raises the bar for defining wellness in schools.

“If the Calm Cove helps one person a day find a sense of calm, a renewed positive mindset or motivation to persevere even on the hardest days, I consider that successful,” Davis said.

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Andy Krajcik

I believe that people should be more mindful, but mindfulness can be hard to achieve and maintain. I think it would be really beneficial for students to have a place where they can go and relax, meditate, and think about how they can improve their lives. It should be a place where they could discuss about and share their opinions. It would also help students who are having trouble focusing in class or taking notes because it will allow them some time away from their phone or computer screen.


Students and staff in the Kyrene de la Estrella community now have a place to recharge, relax and self-regulate before retuning to their classrooms or other duties.

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