Painter Frank Hernandez

Painter Frank Hernandez suffered a stroke after contracting COVID-19 and the Ahwatukee Board of Management is trying to help him and the three daughters and grandson he supports.

The Ahwatukee Board of Management is rallying homeowners in the sprawling HOA to come to the aid of a longtime contractor whose livelihood is on indefinite hold after he was infected with COVID-19 and suffered a stroke.

Frank Hernandez for nearly 20 years has been the sole owner/worker/bookkeeper for his business, Select Painting, which “has provided unbelievably competitive pricing, saving thousands of dollars to those who benefitted from his services,” said fund driver organizer Robert Blakesley.

Blakesley, ABM property and finance director, said that besides “providing the same competitive pricing and excellent quality work for exterior/interior home painting,” Hernandez in his two-decade association with ABM has been “a vital sponsor of the Ahwatukee Community Swim and Tennis Center.”

Hernandez financially supports events at the HOA’s community center and “has a true love for Ahwatukee and has always shown his dedicated support in any way he can,” Blakesley added.

Despite his attention to safety protocols, Hernandez contracted COVID-19 a little more than a month ago and was hospitalized in the intensive care unit for weeks as a result of blood clots in his lungs and brain.

He was released from the hospital and is now recuperating at home with his three daughters, ages 16 to 28, his eldest daughter Alexis said.

His prognosis is uncertain and his recovery under any circumstances will be relatively long, Alexis said.

“Right now, he honestly just sits around because he’s really weak on the left side,” Alexis said. “He has a feeding tube in him, but he’s not using that anymore since he’s able to kind of swallow food a little bit better and drink. He’s just having to go super slow.”

While Hernandez is “day-by-day just healing” and “is a lot better than where he was at” even a couple weeks ago, Alexis added, doctors are focusing on trying to reduce his blood pressure because he spent about a month just lying in his hospital bed.

And, she said, doctors said it will be about two months before they will know how long-term the stroke damage will be.

He won’t be working in two months,” Alexis added. “He’s just trying to stand without getting light-headed and stuff like that. So yeah, he does own his own company but after everything that’s happened, that will have to get put on pause.”

Noting that Hernandez “is a one-man show” who “manages his business alone from the bidding through the invoicing and painting,” Blakesley is hoping will help the single dad, who is not only raising his daughters but a grandson as well.

“During economic ups and downs he has always made his family a priority,” Blakesley said on his page for Hernandez. “Frank is a man of deep faith who has supported me through the loss of my wife and youngest son.  His support of not only his own family but many, many more people like myself speaks volume for the kind of man he is.”

ABM staff and several contractors already have stepped up to provide his family with food, necessary household items and financial and personal support, Blakesley said.

“However, Frank is going to need financial support in paying bills and medical costs over the next several months.  I am asking the Ahwatukee community to please help us help Frank. I realize that times are tough for everyone. I am asking that you please find it in your heart to help Frank and his girls in any way you can.”

People can help by going to and searching by “frank hernandez and abm.”

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