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Arizona State University’s Project Humanities – a program founded and run by Dr. Neal Lester of Ahwatukee – is rolling out a podcast series next week focusing on various social issues.

Starting June 4, the discussions will be held 6-7 p.m. every other Thursday and will be broadcast live on Zoom and Facebook Live and cover topics such as “whupping and African American parenting,” death and dying, youth mental health and academic pressures, menstrual equity and neglected rape kits.

 “To be clear,” said Lester,  Foundation Professor of English, “Project Humanities is not starting its own podcast but rather building on the popularity of audio books and podcasts. 

“Unlike physically reading a book and having the reading be the single focus of our attention at that moment, audio books and podcasts potentially allow us to do other things as we listen and learn. Just as what happens with book clubs and film clubs, our podcast club invites individuals to experience a podcast, then come together to talk about it and potentially learn from it.” 

He said the podcasts “are accessible, provocative and linked to topics related to past and future Project Humanities events” and will be co-facilitated by a Project Humanities team member and others.

The schedule includes: 

June 4, “Spare the Kids,” based on “Spare the Kids: Why Whupping Children Won’t Save Black America” by Stacey Patton; June 18, “After Life;” July 2, “Why Did Police Departments Throw Out Rape Kits?” July 16, “School Stress Led Him to Despair. Support from Family, Friends Brought Him Back;” July 30, “Menstrual Equality.”

Project Humanities promotes local, national and international conversations “about the breadth, depth, and value of humanities study and humanist practice and understanding across disciplines and communities.”


Information: 480-727-7030 or

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