Ed & Mary Doney

Ed & Mary Doney captured #13 gravesite of an Arizona governor and #14 a Pyramid with this picture. Since they are the organizers, it doesn’t qualify for a prize.

A club at an Ahwatukee retirement community found one way around the shut-down of group activities caused by COVID-19. Their solution: a photo scavenger hunt.

The governor’s stay-at-home order in March shut down all activities at the Ahwatukee Recreation Center, a retirement community of 1628 homes mostly within the Warner-Elliot loop in the original Ahwatukee. 

Some activities involving groups of 10 or less have been able to start up again, but not the larger groups, which includes the center’s most popular and most attended weekly event, the Happy Hour club.

Unlike its name suggests, Happy Hour doesn’t have much to do with drinking – it’s more of a social gathering and potluck. They moved their meetings to Zoom in April. The potluck dropped out, but the social element continued online.

To introduce a bit of fun with the excitement of a chase, the club is trying a photo Scavenger Hunt as a socially distanced activity which works for groups almost any size. 

It started two weeks ago and has received rave reviews from its members. 

One participant remarked, “This was the most safe fun I have had in six months.”

It drew to a close last week and winners will be announced shortly. 

A photo scavenger hunt can be fun for any group, not just ARC’s Happy Hour. Here’s the list of items they came up with for their hunt:

  Something that stands for Arizona to you (cactus, Arizona flag, any of the 5 c’s, etc.).

  A personalized license plate—which you must translate for us.

A billboard, sign or storefront with a picture or drawing of a marijuana leaf on it.

  A vehicle whose name is derived from the World War II General Purpose vehicle, with the make name visible in the photo.

  An electric car charging station (double points if a car is charging at it).

  A solar collector.

The street signs at the corner of Coconino Street, Coconino Place and Coconino Court.

  A vehicle whose name is derived from “the people’s car” introduced just before the beginning of World War II, with the make name visible in the photo.

  A scooter.

A bridge over water (bridge & water should be visible in picture).

  A pedestrian bridge (over anything).

  A waterfall.

  The gravesite of any Arizona governor.*

  A pyramid.*

Extra points were given when the member appeared in the photo (i.e., a selfie). 

The grand prize for the person or team with the most points was billed as “A Romantic Italian Dinner,” which the fine print revealed was a frozen Costco lasagna to be left at the winner’s doorstep. 

It was noted that the two items with an asterisk could be satisfied by one photo.

Participants were told to collect the photos from the comfort and safety of their cars, with the admonition to be sure to be socially distanced and masked if they stepped out of the car for their shot. 

They were also advised that for shots of vehicles, they should cruise a parking lot where the cars are more likely to pose for their pictures.

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