Gulliver isn’t worrying about being tied up by little people; he’s more worried about whether people will find him a home.

Billed by AZ Rescue spokeswoman Jenny Medlock as “one of the sweetest, happiest dogs we have ever encountered,” the 3-year-old Papillion Mix “loves to meet and interact with new people.”

“Gulliver is an affectionate guy who adores giving kisses, being held, occupying laps, and cuddling beside you on the sofa or in bed,” she said. “Gulliver’s not shy about asking for affection in return. He’ll roll over on his back with his paws stretched skyward asking for belly rubs and if you stop petting him, he’ll nose your hand if he feels you’ve finished too soon.”

Medlock said he’s a “great walker and avid explorer” and has boundless energy. He “is happy soaking up the sun and loves rolling around in the grass,” but also “rides like a champ in the car, either settling in his bed, on his blanket, or looking out the window.”

And he likes playing fetch, to the point where he “enjoys chasing balls and also finds other objects, such as pens, pencils, and socks amusing.

“All of this is so gratifying considering Gulliver had a dislocated hip when we rescued him and had been suffering for quite a long time. With a successful surgery behind him, a fully functional leg, and a new lease on life, Gulliver is eager to start the next chapter of his life,” Medlock said.

Interested people can apply for Gulliver at

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