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Platinum Medical Group founder and chiropractor Dr. James Dionisio is welcoming patients from MedLink Health Solutions.


Platinum Medical Group in Ahwatukee has begun welcoming patients of Scottsdale-based MedLink Health Solutions for naturopathic and regenerative medicine joint injection services on Wednesdays.

PMG, 3930 E. Ray Road, is headed by chiropractor and founder Dr. James Dionisio.

Today’s climate of more corporate-style health care has created a need for this kind of a practice in the Southeast Valley and Ahwatukee in particular, said MedLink CEO Ryan Welch, who co-founded MedLink with naturopathic physician Dr. Samantha Ramanan.

MedLink will be seeing patients by appointment only in order to maintain one of the core tenets of the practice – open-ended patient visits that allow for the patient to spend as much time with the doctor as necessary.

“When you have the opportunity to spend time with a patient and truly listen to what they have to say, you uncover the details that are the key contributors to increasing the patient’s quality of care, and allowing us to arrive at the proper diagnosis and develop the appropriate course of treatment that translates to a higher quality of life for our patients,” said Welch. 

“In some cases, these patients have been to various physicians over the course of many years, looking for answers with little to no success,” he added. “Most patients have not been able to find the root cause of their ailment nor have they received a treatment plan that provides relief and fits their lifestyle.”

Ramanan said that the two practices together will provide a continuum of care that is missing in the current health care environment.

“We give that to them and help them change their life for the better, without sole reliance on Western medicine, helping them live a more natural, healthy lifestyle,” she said.

“The Southeast Valley is family-oriented, well-educated, and has values that align with what we’re doing within our practice at MedLink.

“Chiropractic is an ideal fit with our philosophy. In today’s world, people seem to have open minds to innovative approaches to health care and are interested in truly healing what ails them rather than covering up their symptoms and masking the real problem.”

Ramanan said the combination of naturopathic and regenerative medicine with chiropractic care provides “outstanding symmetry for patients in all stages of life, addressing both short-term pain and long-term healing.”

“We will use our regenerative medicine techniques such as joint injections, to relieve pain,” Ramanan said. “then Dr. D will evaluate with x-rays and help patients to reestablish functionality of the joint. This is really the best combination of chiropractic and naturopathic care.”

Dionisio agreed, saying the two practices complement each other perfectly.

“Some of our patients can’t get the treatment they need to correct their issues right away because they simply are in too much pain or have limited mobility due to age, injury or disease,” he said, explaining: 

"Chiropractic care looks at the body as a whole - bones, tissues, neurons, organs, everything functioning and communicating together in perfect synergy. When one thing is out of place, it can cause discomfort such as pain and inflammation,” he says. “Regenerative medicine has the ability to eliminate inflammation and reestablish once damaged soft tissues which will allow for improved long-term results with chiropractic adjustments.” Naturopathic and chiropractic care addresses and reverses symptoms associated with pain and inflammation by uncovering the root cause without the need for drugs or surgeries which increases the patients overall quality of life."

The combined practices will offer a full range of therapies and services.

 MedLink offers lifestyle medicine to treat those suffering from diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity along with preventative therapies to support the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

 Treatments may include vitamin IV and injection therapy, specialty blood tests for food allergies and gene mutations, or hormone replacement therapy including thyroid testing, to name a few.

Ramanan specializes in joint pain injections to help the body heal itself from acute and chronic issues such as sports injuries and arthritis. The practice also makes house calls and provides 24/7 access to a physician – not an answering service.

Platinum Medical Group, which was originally founded as Foothills Family Chiropractic in 2008 prior to moving to its current location and becoming PMG in 2015, offers exceptional chiropractic services as well as primary care and massage therapy.

“Our practices offer patients an alternative to surgery or pharmaceutical treatment,” Welch said. “We are perfect for those who may have been recommended a surgery or drug therapy but don’t like the invasive nature of being operated on or the harmful side effects of prescription drugs. In many cases, we can achieve results in a natural, holistic way that many people prefer.”

And for those who are skeptical of their holistic, natural approach?

“We don’t worry about the skeptics who don’t believe in what we’re doing,” he said. “Instead, we focus on the patient and what they need, which ultimately produces life changing results.”

Information:   480-482-7055 or

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