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The wedding bouquets that GreenPharms puts together can come with the whole marijuana plant, leaves and all or just the leaves.

A Mesa medical marijuana dispensary is allowing brides to create original and unique bouquets with leaves from cannabis plants.

GreenPharms owner Marie Parades Saloum said she got the idea for the “cannabouquets” when she was tending to its marijuana garden.

She noticed the beautiful, untrimmed leaves on the plants that the public doesn’t frequently have the see with the finished product. 

The leaves around the flower are commonly trimmed off before packaging and she thought they could complement floral bouquets. 

Saloum said the cannabis flower gives bouquets a “pop that’s different than you see every other place.”

The creations can be customized to the bride or groom’s desire. 

Patients can choose to have the cannabis be the focal point of the bouquet or to have it mixed with other flowers.

GreenPharms will work with customers to go over all of the options for the strain, color and aroma of the cannabis.

According to Saloum, the cannabouquets are something that need to be planned in advance to give the patient more options.

 If the dispensary doesn’t have a certain strain the happy couple want, it can be grown if they give the dispensary sufficient notice.

The plant can come in purple, green, red, yellow or any mixture of those colors, according to Tyler Fuduloff, the grow manager at GreenPharms.

Patients can tell GreenPharms the color scheme they are hoping for, and Fuduloff will research strains that would best fit. 

The aroma of the plant can be utilized to enhance the bouquet, as well. 

According to Fuduloff, the scent of cannabis can have hints of strawberry, cherry or grape.

Customers can also choose whether they want to include the whole flower, which includes the bud that is what gets smoked, or just the leaves. 

While customers won’t be able to choose a specific color for the leaves, the leaves give off a much milder scent than the entire plant will. 

Patients can only possess two-and-one-half ounces of cannabis at a time, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services. However, purchasing only the leaves will not be counted against a patient’s allotment, said Fuduloff.

When it comes to the choosing the rest of the flowers for the bouquet, GreenPharms has in-house florists that will work with patients.

 If the bride has her own florist, GreenPharms will prepare the cannabis and deliver them to the bride’s florist.

According to Saloum, these bouquets can be ordered online or in GreenPharms’s Mesa store, near the U.S. 60 and Clearview Avenue. 

Customers need a medical card to purchase, and GreenPharms will work with every budget to make its cannabouquets accessible for any size wedding. 

In addition to wedding bouquets, patients can purchase these medical arrangements for any holiday or event. 

Previously, GreenPharms made Valentine’s Day bouquets which featured a strain with a pink hue, according to Saloum. 

“Normally after an event you have flowers,” said Saloum. “With this one, you actually invested into your medication. You can’t smoke a rose.”

At the time of the event or holiday, the cannabis will still be a live plant and will need time to dry before it can be used. 

The bouquets or arrangements come with cure instructions that detail how to prepare the cannabis for use after the event. 

Fuduloff said the bouquets end the stigma of cannabis by mixing it in with flowers.

“We’re trying to break that whole cycle there and make it a comfortable thing that everybody is okay with,” said Fuduloff.

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