Matt and Kelly Megyese Illuminate You Fitness

Matt and Kelly Megyese offer a fitness studio on wheels with their Ahwatukee-based business, Illuminate You Fitness. 

Illuminate You Fitness owners Matt and Kelly Megyese have been fortunate to live in many great cities over the last 20 years. 

However, when they relocated to the Ahwatukee Foothills in August 2018, they quickly saw something special.

 Wanting to find a way to acclimate to their new community while at the same time sharing their fitness experiences, they made the decision to start Illuminate You Fitness or IYF.

When it comes to fitness, the Megyeses feel a physically and mentally strong foundation is critical for a healthy lifestyle and can help with confidence throughout life. 

They are excited to share what they’ve learned about achieving mind and body balance through their lifestyle brand, IYF, by bringing the benefits of barre to their community.

The Megyeses support the mantra barre is for everybody and every body. 

Illuminate You Fitness barre classes are low-impact, full-body workouts blending elements of yoga, Pilates and strength training. Their classes are designed to sculpt and strengthen muscles, while also increasing flexibility and balance.

 While challenging, the classes are ideal for those just starting a fitness routine and are also a great complement to other fitness activities. They are safe for both younger and older clients – and are just as effective for men as they are for women.

An advocate for health and wellness, Kelly discovered barre in 2012 and was instantly hooked. 

An avid runner, she was amazed not only at the results achieved through her practice but also the positive impact it had on her running, fitness level and overall flexibility. 

After completing multiple certifications, she taught both barre and indoor cycling at various locations. From there the desire to start her own studio and brand of barre grew.  

The Megyeses viewed their move to Arizona as the perfect opportunity to explore the possibility of opening a fitness studio.

 Rather than entering into a franchise situation, the Megyeses saw an opportunity to devise a business model different from other offerings in the saturated fitness industry.

It is a mobile fitness studio. By collaborating with other local businesses, IYF is able to mix up the environment providing a varied experience.

 By not having their own brick and mortar space, IYF is also able to offer competitively priced class and package options.

 With Kelly running the IYF class schedule and sessions, Matt drives the IYF operations, strategy, website and social media pages. 

He is also in the process of becoming a certified group instructor with the goal of expanding the class offerings to IYF clients.

In addition to scheduled barre classes at multiple locations in the Foothills, IYF also offers private customized workouts developed with client fitness goals and location in mind. 

They can be on an individual basis, or set-up as small group sessions with some friends, family or neighbors.

IYF is participating in events such as a group activity, race, festival or fundraiser. IYF is available to team up with organizers of these types of events to help energize and engage participants. 

A recent example of this was the first annual Tukee Trot 5K which was held November 29th in Ahwatukee. IYF served as a sponsor for the event and led the pre-race warm-up and stretch for participants. 

An area where IYF is looking to grow in the future is business wellness. They see an opportunity to partner with local companies and organizations to promote mind and body balance for employees.

 As a mobile studio, IYF is able to go on-site, or nearby, to provide workouts for employee groups, helping to bring teams closer, boost employee morale and enhance workforce productivity.


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