Michael Curtin has opened a Pedego Electric Bike

Michael Curtin has opened a Pedego Electric Bike store in Gilbert, where he sells, rents and services the popular bikes and sells accessories.

Just in time for gift-giving – and visiting relatives who might need outdoor fun – comes Michael Curtin, who opened a Pedego Electric Bike store in Gilbert recently.

The Gilbert resident owns a staffing business in New York’s commercial real estate industry, but decided to open the store at 459 N. Gilbert Road after the pandemic caused a downturn in his business.

Besides, his brother owns a Pedego store in  Cape May, New Jersey, and he liked the product.

“Pedego seemed like the perfect new business for me to go into and once I found the location for my store in Gilbert, it was an absolute no-brainer,” he said. “I knew this was going to be a great opportunity.”

The store, the third and the first in the East Valley, sells and rents Pedego bikes as well as services them and sells accessories.

With a top speed of 20 mph, Pedego bikes come in a wide variety of 20 models and sizes, with pricing starting at around  $1,500. The bikes’ ranges of travel before the lithium battery needs to be charged varies from 15-30 miles for the smallest size to 34-68 miles for the largest.

“Generally speaking, any Pedego battery should last longer than you want to ride,” Pedego states on its website. “Your fanny will probably quit long before your battery does.”

Founded in 2008 and now with around 120 locations across the country, the company has won kudos for its customer service and the bikes themselves have some famous fans, including Martha Stewart and Star Trek icon William Shatner.

Though he had a soft opening in October, Curtin had his grand opening last week that included a surprise visit from some of the corporation’s top executives.

Pedego Gilbert also is celebrating the grand opening by offering raffle tickets for $20 through Dec. 15 – or until 500 tickets are sold – for a chance to win a Pedego Comfort Cruiser. 

That’s the granddaddy of Pedego’s product line, valued at around $2,000. The company describes it as weighing “less than a house cat” with a range of about 45 miles “for 10 cents of electricity” before it needs recharging.

Proceeds from the raffle will be split among three food banks.

Curtin said he went into the business after meeting Pedego founder/CEO Don DiConstanzo about the electric bike industry.

“Our goal is to locate our stores in areas that are bike-friendly and easily accessible to cyclists,” DiCostanzo said. “When Michael came to us with this location we knew it was going to be a success-- his hard work and dedication from the beginning was something we were honored to invest in.”

A onetime marathon runner, Curtin said he’s admired Pedego bikes since he first rode one in New Jersey.

A few years ago, he had to quit running due to an injury and he said a regular bike never interested him.

“An electric bike gives me the perfect combination of thrill and adrenaline,” he said. “I get the same rush I did when I was running.”

Besides, he added, “There is something to be said about customers coming back from their first ride on a Pedego… they really do come back with a smile.” 

He said his goal is to make sure anyone who stops by his store gets the same rush.

The store is open 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday and Monday by appointment only. 

Information: mike@pedegogilbert.com or call 602-793-1175.


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