TSC Air prize Susie Rafi Isaac

TSC Air owner Don Kaczmarek showed up with a special sign to tell Ahwatukee homeowners Susie and Rafi Isaac they won his raffle for a new air conditioning unit.

Susie and Rafi Isaac of Ahwatukee didn’t think much of it when they dropped their entry in the contest drum at the TSC Air booth at the Phoenix Home & Garden Show in February.

The contest was to identify the oldest working air conditioning unit at the show and award the winner with a brand-new system, courtesy of TSC Air and Amana.

The Isaacs had forgotten all about the entry – until TSC owner Don Kaczmarek showed up on their doorstep last month, “I was completely caught off guard when they showed up at the door,” said Susie. “Rafi and I had just been talking last week about how we were eventually going to need a new unit since it’s supposed to be almost 100 next week. This really came at a perfect time for us.”

The prize was awarded in a Publishers Clearing House-style surprise knock on the door.

The Isaacs received a new air conditioning unit to replace their unit, which was manufactured in February of 1992. The Isaacs’ unit was five months older than the second-place unit, which was built in July 1992.

Kaczmarek said he had three of the more than 25 entries in the contest that were built in 1992.

“It’s a lot of fun for all of us at TSC to give away a prize like this because we all know that it’s such a practical prize and one that will keep giving back to the winner,” he said.

“In Arizona, a lot of the discussions we have around the dinner table about money revolve around cooling costs. Being able to help someone lower their utility expenses while keeping their home even cooler and being more environmentally friendly, because the new units include so much ‘green’ technology, is a gift for us as well as the winners.”

The Isaacs won a four-ton Amana high-efficiency unit with a two-speed compressor that Kazmarek said will keep temperatures consistent by pumping cool air at a low volume through the home constantly.

Their prize package also includes a new thermostat, variable-speed air handler, new fused connect at the outdoor unit. sound isolation, a water management system to prevent condensation leaks and a year of free system maintenance.

According to Kaczmarek, the Isaacs should save about 44 percent on their air conditioning costs over their old unit, which translates to about a 30 percent savings on their entire monthly power bill in the summer.

The system TSC Air is installing at the Isaac’s home carries a lifetime warranty on the compressor with lifetime replacement, and warranties of 12 years on labor and 10 years on the parts.  

Rafi Isaac had an unusual reaction that might not sit well with some people.

“I hate to say this, but I’m almost looking forward to it getting really hot so I can see how well this new Amana unit works,” he said.

“I may change my tune later, but I think it will be interesting to see either how much cooler we can keep the house for the same cost or how much we can save by keeping the house at the same temperatures we have the past few years.

“It’s hard to imagine a better prize for someone in Arizona to win. We’re really grateful to TSC Air and Amana for this.”

Kazmarek said his primary goal is “to consistently provide the most honest and dependable service for its customers.”

His company, founded in 2007, primarily serves  Ahwatukee, Chandler, Gilbert and east Phoenix and provides a full range of HVAC and air-quality services,  including cooling and heating repairs, insulation service, maintenance and duct cleaning.

TSC also installs high-efficiency units, split system air conditioners rooftop units and programmable thermostats.

“If disaster strikes and your A/C goes out in the summer, we’ll be there promptly any time of the day or night with our 24/7 emergency service,” Kazmarek added.

TSC Air is a member of the Ahwatukee Chamber of Commerce and is in Business Networking International’s Foothills Sharks chapter.

Information:  5235 S. Kyrene Road, Tempe, 480-460-1487, info@TSCAir.com or TSCAir.com.


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