Crumbl Cookies arrives in Ahwatukee

Ahwatukee Crumbl Cookie owner Melissa Risher shows off the cookies in the company’s signature pink box. (Kimberly Carrillo/AFN Staff Photographer)


Crumbl Cookies, a franchise that launched in Logan, Utah, just two years ago, is taking the Valley by storm, with at least five bakeries opening in the last few months — including one in Ahwatukee.

Arizona’s first Crumbl opened in February in Gilbert and Ahwatukee Crumbl is now the fifth in the state.

Owner Melissa Risher, who lived and worked in Ahwatukee when she first arrived in the Valley nearly 16 years ago, was pleasantly surprised when greeted with a line out the door at her grand opening last month.

“I knew if we’d opened in September, it would have been even busier but even with the heat, people came,” said Risher, 39. “We were busy all that day, and people were so welcoming.”

An aspect that sets Crumbl apart from other cookie stores or bakeries is a delivery option that ferries freshly-baked, warm cookies to your door any hour from noon to midnight Monday through Saturday.

They can also be sent as surprise gifts, delivered fresh in the Crumbl signature pink box, right to the lucky recipient’s door with a “Thinking of You” sticker.

Cookies are baked throughout the day and night, and Crumbl offers a rotating menu of specialty cookies weekly to augment its famous chocolate chip and chilled sugar cookies—which are offered daily.  

The full range of gourmet cookie flavors is listed on its website, and proclaimed regularly via Facebook, Twitter and the Crumbl app.

Recent offerings included Midnight Mint, Nutella Sea Salt, Cookies & Cream, and Circus Animal.

Pints of special ice creams are also available.

Just walking in the door is cause for celebration as the sweet aroma of freshly-baked cookies waft through the air as an army of employees scurries about scooping out dough to pop into the already over-worked ovens along the wall. 

New customers like Ashley Erins wandered in after seeing notices on social media. 

“I’d read about this and had to try it,” said Erins, who lives in Tempe and works in Ahwatukee.

Cradling the rectangular pink Crumbl box of four in front of her she noted, “I went with their two staple cookies — chocolate chip and sugar cookie, and two more I can’t wait to try. I hoped to share with my kids, but there might not be any left over.” 

The size of the cookie was an eye-opener for many who received their free opening day cookie.

The chocolate chip — for which Crumbl founders and cousins Jason McGowan and Sawyer Hemsley experimented with to find the perfect combination of ingredients — weighs in at 5.5 ounces before it is popped in the oven. 

Others, like the sugar cookie, can run a bit lighter however all are palm-sized treats.

Social media is a key marketing tool for Crumbl, said Risher.

“Its extremely important for our business, and really any business these days. We are a technology-driven society and people want the instant knowledge and satisfaction of things, so having a social media presence is a top priority for Crumbl,” she said. 

 “Our corporate marketing team does a fantastic job with content, and keeping our followers and customers up to date and intrigued in what we’re up to,” she added.

Although Risher said she’s always been a home kitchen baker, and was well appreciated by friends for her own chocolate chip cookies, the Utah-born woman conceded that Crumbl’s flavor and size has hers beat. 

She said she’s happy she chose Ahwatukee for her first Crumbl store. 

“I used to live in Ahwatukee for several years before moving to South Chandler. I was working in Ahwatukee at the time so when we were looking for locations, it seemed like the perfect spot, and we were right,” she said, adding:

 “Gilbert was the first Crumbl store to open in Arizona, and with our opening in Ahwatukee there are now five locations in the Greater Phoenix area with several more that will open in the future.”

She and her partner, Utah resident Mike Carlson, are already working on opening a sixth Arizona Crumbl store.

“Mike and I are in the final stages of finalizing our lease to our next store that will be in Scottsdale at McCormick Ranch,” she said. 

Ahwatukee Crumbl is located at 4910 E. Ray Road. They’re open daily from 10 a.m. to midnight Monday through Saturday and closed Sunday. 

Cookies are $3.28 for individual cookies, $10.98 for four assorted, and $27.98 for a dozen cookies, before tax. The four-pack and dozen are packaged in the pink signature Crumbl box. 

To order cookies online: see  Delivery charge is $3.


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