Ahwatukee pizzeria offers ‘inflation buster’ meal

An Ahwatukee pizzeria is offering what it calls an “inflation buster combo.”

Ghetto Yo Pizza, 4747 E Elliot Road, is offering a cheese slice of its New York-style pizza and a soda for a price equivalent to the average price of a gallon of gas in Arizona, based on data by AAA Arizona listed every Sunday and applying to purchases for that week.

A spokesman for the 2-year-old eatery said it “is doing its part to help ease inflation and prices at the pump” with the special.

Recently, for example, the combo was $4, a 33% saving on Ghetto Yo’s normal price for a slice and a soda.

“Inflation and the price of gas have had a huge impact on everyone which has forced people to cut back on spending including going out or ordering from restaurants,” said Wally Ansari, owner of Ghetto Yo Pizza.

“We wanted to do something to let our guests know ‘we feel your pain’ so that families can enjoy going out to a restaurant that won’t break the bank.”

The Inflation Buster Combo Deal is offered daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and available in the restaurant or online via Ghetto Yo Pizza’s website for pick-up or delivery.

Guests can add Pepperoni for 50 cents or other toppings for 75 cents each.

Information: 480-590-3639 or ghettoyopizza.com.

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