Stephanie King and her husband Christian are the new owners of Smallcakes Ahwatukee, which sells a variety of tasty treats.

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“Customer service and product quality are our first priorities” is the mission statement of the new owners of Smallcakes Ahwatukee.

Stephanie and Christian King opened their doors at 4302 E. Ray Road in January.

For the last three years prior to their arrival, Smallcakes Ahwatukee has been quietly nestled in the heart of the community selling gourmet cupcakes and delicious homemade ice cream at the corner of Ray Road and Ranch Circle Drive.

 They also sell custom-order cakes, cookies and a variety of beverages.

 Staffing and scheduling issues in the past caused store closures – which ultimately led to a decline in confidence from regular customers and newcomers alike.  

“No matter how delicious our product is, if we are not there for our community when we say we will be, our community will not be there for us” said Stephanie, stressing the importance of the location and product reputation. 

When they first had the idea to start a new venture, the couple had three “must haves” for purchasing a new business.

It had to be a product they truly believed in; it had to be in a location that felt like home; and it absolutely had to be something that brought joy to other people lives.  

“For the first 2 months, we looked at all types of businesses, but none really checked all the boxes,” Stephanie recalled. 

“Then one day, Christian came home with what seemed to be too good to be true – a cupcakery business that was on the market.” 

Christian’s passion for the bakery industry started with his first job at 16 in his hometown bakery. 

He first worked alongside a master baker as a baker assistant - helping to order supplies, receiving shipments and preparing the ingredients.

He quickly advanced and moved on to learning the art of decoration and presentation finishing.

Stephanie started baking with her mother at the age of 5 and has never looked back. 

Her mother, a professional baker and cake decorator for the last 27 years all over Canada, taught Stephanie early on that using quality ingredients and a little patience and love comprise an excellent equation to the perfect baked good. 

Her passion for baking and creating special memories for those who enjoy her creations is who she is.

“There is no better moment for Christian and I, then when a customer tries one of our new daily cupcake or ice cream unique creations, and shares with us that it instantly took them back to a special time or memory in their life,” said Stephanie.

The couple often joke about their homemade ice cream as the reason why they purchased the business.

“When we first tried this flavor, it reminded us about our first family vacation with our 2 kids, but also because it’s just that insanely good!” she said. 

This is what it’s all about for Kings – making lasting memories that can be shared with all and serving and supporting the community.

On February 24, Smallcakes Ahwatukee went through a complete overhaul renovation that lightened up the walls and brought natural and soft finishes with almost a feel of modern French styling.  

The Kings added a sitting area when patrons can relax and enjoy their tasty treats from 10 a.m. Tuesday– Sunday. Monday is by appointment only.

Christian and Stephanie are humbled by all the love and support that they have received in Ahwatukee so far. 

“Our commitment to this community is the same as the commitment we made to ourselves,” Stephanie said.

“We promise to always show up, we promise to deliver the highest quality product, and we promise to do better each and every day.”

Information: 480-706-2253 or on Facebook @smallcakesphx. 

Andrew Hayes is executive director of the Ahwatukee Chamber of Commerce.

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