Kimberly Lewis is bringing the musical "Frozen" to Ahwatukee

 Ahwatukee dance instructor Kimberly Lewis will be holding open auditions for a musical that carries something of a historic moment.

She’s casting for the musical “Frozen” and the June 22 show at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. at Mountain Pointe High School apparently will be the show’s Arizona premier.

“It will be a really good show for our community,” said Lewis, owner of Studio 111 Theater Co. in Ahwatukee. “The rights to Frozen just came available so I think we are the first in Arizona to get the rights to do this beautiful play. I just saw in on Broadway in New York and it is wonderful. Everyone loves the story and music from Frozen and with the success of this play being on Broadway, I just knew this was something I wanted to bring to Ahwatukee.”

Based on the blockbuster Disney 2013 animated film of the same name, “Frozen” centers on two sisters who are princesses, one of whom has magical powers to freeze objects and people, which she does not know how to control. After inheriting the throne, she inadvertently causes the kingdom to become frozen and must sacrifice and show true love to save the day.

As customary with her annual production of Ahwatukee Nutcracker and her summer musicals, “Frozen” will have all new costumes.

 Auditions are March 5 and 6 T  Studio 111, 4910 E. Chandler Blvd. suite 111, Ahwatukee.

Times and age brackets for March 5 audition: 4-5 p.m., ages 4 to 6; 5-6 p.m., ages 7-9; 6-7 p.m. ages 10 to 13; and 7-8 p.m., 14 and older. From 4-8 p.m. March 6, call-backs will be auditioned.

  Audition time blocks may run shorter or longer depending on the number who show up and Lewis said people may need a little patience.

For those auditioning for singer, acting and dance roles, bring a 1-2 minute prepared song from a Broadway musical as well as your music on iPod or iPhone. Acapella is not recommended. There will be no monologue requirement for this audition, so those auditioning will be asked to “act their song.”

Dancers will be taught a short dance combination at audition and are advised to wear comfortable clothing.  Dancing is not a requirement in order to audition.

Before auditioning, kids and their parents should know that the first three weeks of June will include extensive rehearsals. Rehearsals at Studio 111 will be 2-6:30 p.m. June 3-7, June 10-14 and June 17-21 with dress rehearsals at June 20 and 21 at Mountain Pointe Theater from 12:30-8:30 p.m.

A production fee covers three weeks of training in acting, singing, dancing and staging and more information is available by calling 480-706-6040.

People who are out of town on March  5 or 6 may email a video audition to and have their audtion on

Include in that video audition a one-to-two-minute prepared song from a Broadway musical.  

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