Popular Broadway musical to hit the MAC In the Heights

“In the Heights,” an award-winning Broadway musical, will be presented by the Mesa Encore Theater.

In a musical that aims to bridge divides, unify audiences and celebrate family and friendship in all its forms, “In the Heights” will make its East Valley premiere at Mesa Arts Center May 17.

Produced by Mesa Encore Theatre, “In the Heights” was the first Broadway hit from Lin-Manuel Miranda, known for the ever-popular “Hamilton.”

This lively, musical depiction of life in Washington Heights, a predominantly Latinx neighborhood in upper Manhattan, tells the story of several characters grappling with issues of family, love and fortune, even as gentrification begins to threaten their beloved community.

“The story celebrates knowing the people around you and knowing you share this bond,” said Marcos D. Voss, director of “In the Heights.” Even if you didn’t grow up in the same country or same region, you have this same bond of culture.”

MET’s ethnically and physically diverse cast brings urban New York City to life on stage. Twenty-seven performers from across the Valley immerse audiences in their world as they explore the need for family, the question of “what is home?” and the promise of new American dream — all within a framework of Latin music, rap and traditional musical theatre ballads.

As is its signature, MET’s live band, vibrant costumes, nonstop dancing and stage design breathe life into this story that connects audiences of all backgrounds.

“In the Heights” opened on Broadway in 2008 and ran until 2011. Winner of the Best Musical Tony Award in 2008, the production has since become a favorite of community theaters nationwide.

MET’s production of “In the Heights” will be performed at the Nesbitt/Elliott Playhouse at the Mesa Arts Center from May 17 to June 2. Tickets begin at $32, with discounts for students and seniors.

Tickets: mesaartscenter.com/index.php/shows/resident-companies/in-the-heights or call 480-834-9500 to purchase tickets

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