ORTHODONTICS ||| \"Can adults have orthodontic orthodontic treatment?\"

Dr. Ken Danyluk of Team Orthodontics, P.C., joins us to offer readers advice on youth and adult orthodontic needs and care.

[Question] ||| "Do I really need to wear retainers after orthodontic treatment?"

[Answer] ||| "Only if you want to ensure your teeth remain straight! There are two factors that we all must face after orthodontic treatment. The tendency for teeth to shift (relapse) back towards their original positions (caused by stretched gum tissue fibers), and the natural occurrence of aging (as we age, skin wrinkles, teeth wrinkle). This aging phenomenon of tooth shifting (particularly the bottom front teeth), which has been well documented in orthodontic research for over 20 years, occurs in 75 percent of the population and is not dependant on whether a person ever had orthodontic treatment. As such, orthodontists routinely discuss the need for indefinite long term retainer wear to maintain corrected tooth positions. Permanent bonded retainers behind the front teeth or removable retainers eventually only worn at night are the typical options for patients. The bottom line; wear your retainers as instructed to maintain that great smile and bite…or plan for some future correction again with your orthodontist."

[ABOUT THE EXPERT] ||Dr. Ken Danyluk | Team Orthodontics, P.C.

Dr. Ken Danyluk maintains a private practice in Ahwatukee. He is a Board Certified Orthodontist in the United Sates and Canada and holds the additional distinction of being a fellow of the Royal College of Dentists of Canada. In addition to being a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, he is the past Assistant Professor and Clinical Director of the Undergraduate Orthodontic program at the University of Manitoba and is an internationally published author.


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