Lynn Costello

Lynn Costello

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Celebrate Recovery started up again last month. What is this class? Is this a class for me? Will I fit in? It helps people who have hang-ups, hurts and/or habits, while resuming a relationship with God. Where would I fit in? The flier says no issue is too small or too large, it also says that everyone is welcome.

Just being human means I have issues. I did just lose my job. Maybe I should go and check it out, I thought. I am so glad I went to the fall session. I was so scared at first. I sat down with some ladies and had some dinner. Then we walked over to the Sanctuary. I already feel good. There’s Jesus looking down at me. I’m at home here. Beautiful music is being played and I am standing palms stretched upward toward the heavens. So far, I’m feeling really good. The lesson starts. I look down at the pamphlet given to me as I walked in. I see what we are going to discuss tonight. I say a little prayer looking at the rest of the itinerary. I’m getting nervous, feeling like I might need to leave soon. The lesson is over and I realize I’ve taken a ton of notes. I’m back to feeling good again. Now they are breaking us up into groups of men and women. I follow the leader and sit at a table.

There are rules for small group — nothing hard — but two rules I’ll share: 1. What is said in small group, stays in small group, and 2. We are not here to FIX you, we are here to listen. Wow, I have nothing to be afraid of. All I need to do is share. We go around and discuss our issue if we WANT to. It is not necessary to talk. I listened to about four people ahead of me. I can’t believe that I am talking about an issue I didn’t even realize I had. This is really cool. We share our stories and no one is laughing, actually I see more tears and caring faces than I’ve ever seen. All the small groups meet up again and have fellowship. I’m drinking my coffee with three others, we are laughing and talking like we just finished our yoga class. This has really been awesome. I feel like I’ve cleaned out part of my soul. I can’t wait to come back next week. After the four fall sessions, I can’t believe the difference in me. I feel confident that these ladies will be my friends, and just as important, I know I’m closer to Jesus. I met one lady at a local store as we were out Christmas shopping. We stopped right in the aisle and talked. How wonderful is this?

I’m so grateful that I can share my hurts, hang-ups and/or habits and grow closer to Jesus. I believe.

Celebrate Recovery classes are for those needing a safe place to deal with life’s hurts, hang ups and habits. They are held at Mountain View Lutheran Church, 11002 S. 48th St., in Ahwatukee.

For more information, email or call (602) 549-2963.

• Lynn Costello is a 14-year resident of Ahwatukee Foothills.

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