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Good Samaritans, common do-gooders, and all around decent people still exist. Willing to lend a helping hand and kind gesture, those small acts can make quite a difference.

No one knows that better than Laura Dawson, 52, a crossing guard for Kyrene Monte Vista Elementary School.

Every morning and afternoon during the school year, Dawson makes sure our kids cross streets safely. But being a mostly outdoor job, it can be quite difficult to do in the Arizona sun. Dawson regularly carries water bottles with her, all the while juggling the stop sign everyday in the heat.

But this week, the Ahwatukee Foothills resident was greeted with a surprise.

On a regular, warm morning standing just outside of school per the usual, Dawson said a man named Roy Hollis came up to her and gave her a chair with a canopy as a reprieve from the heat.

“He said he has seen me out here trying to juggle my water and the stop sign and thought he would bring me a chair,” Dawson said.

Dawson admitted she was “flabbergasted,” in complete disbelief that the chair was actually for her.

“I’m still kind of speechless,” said Dawson, who has been a crossing guard at the school for more than two years.

Hollis told Dawson his now adult children used to attend Monte Vista, along the west curve of Ray Road, giving him more of an inclination to help out. He also mentioned to Dawson that he worked somewhere in Ahwatukee.

“In this day and age, we always hear the bad stories about people, even being a crossing guard we have to report people who run stop signs or nearly hit us,” Dawson said. “This, however, just made my day.”

In the short time she’s worked for the school, Dawson said a parent once brought her cookies, or kids will occasionally bring her things around the holidays, but the chair with a canopy is a whole different story.

The chair even included a footrest and blanket for Dawson. Dawson uses it in the mornings, rather than the afternoons, when she is outside for a longer period of time.

Dawson added that Hollis would probably have given a chair to another crossing guard too, if he had seen her.

Another crossing guard at the school has been doing the job for 10 years, Dawson said, and had never been given a gift like Dawson’s.

“Roy Hollis was a true Good Samaritan,” Dawson said in an email. “That made me realize that no matter what happens, there are still some amazingly good people out there.”

Wherever you are Mr. Hollis, Dawson thanks you.

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