Ahwatukee Foothills resident Marjorie Miner has spent her whole life as a devout and knowledgeable registered Republican, and now the Maricopa County Republican Committee is recognizing her for it.

Miner was recently presented with the Lincoln Bust Award, the group’s highest honor, at the Lincoln Day Luncheon, for a lifetime of service to the party, especially in precinct work.

After reading Miner’s bio, and from the times I’ve run into her around Ahwatukee, I was surprised she’s never been recognized like this before. She’s been a Republican all her life, even supporting Alfred Landon for president against Franklin D. Roosevelt when she was 9 years old.

“He was from Kansas and had a big sunflower as his logo and his pin was a big sunflower,” Miner said. “I wore that to school all the time. Of course Roosevelt won and Landon lost so the morning after the election I got up and got dressed to go to school and my mother told me she was watching me to see if I’d wear that pin on my dress again. I said, you bet. He lost, but I’m not ashamed that I favored him. That’s been my stubbornness. It’s been evident for a long time.”

Miner was raised in a Republican family and learned throughout her life to be aware of what’s going on and be interested in the candidates in each election.

“They were both very conservative and very independent thinkers,” Miner said about her parents. “They felt like everyone should be responsible for whatever they did. That was the home atmosphere I grew up in.”

Miner registered Republican as soon as she could at the age of 21. Since then she says she can’t remember any election she’s missed. She’s even volunteered for a candidate during most elections, inviting them over to her home to meet her friends and family and local business owners. Miner has been a block worker, election judge, chairman of the Shoshone County Republican Central Committee, chairman of the Idaho Legislative District IV, chairman of Idaho Region I, vice chair of the Idaho Republican Central Committee, and chairman of the Idaho Republican State Central Committee. During that time she was also a state chairman and served on the National Executive Committee. She even ran for a Senate seat in Idaho once, just to make sure the Democrat incumbent had some competition.

“I had the best time running,” Miner said. “I spent a total of $25 on my campaign. I went door to door, house to house all over the county, miles and miles. ”

Miner traveled all over the country with her husband, Gordon, who made a living as a mining engineer. When Gordon retired in 1979 and the two settled down in Ahwatukee Foothills. Gordon has served on the Ahwatukee Foothills Village Planning Committee for years and Marj has been a precinct committeeman for about 22 years, president of the Tempe Republican Women’s Club, and a member of Ahwatukee Republican Women. Still, she says she was surprised by the award.

“The work that I’ve done is what any red-blooded American would do to keep this country free after our founding fathers did so much to bring it about,” Miner said. “I’ve enjoyed my work in politics and met so many wonderful people who are dedicated, good Americans who really believe in our country.”

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