You may have already noticed this, but the print version of the Ahwatukee Foothills News has undergone some changes over the past few months.

This very ‘Tukee Talk feature is one of them.

Standing elements like Neighbors and Calendar have become more organized, anchored on the same pages every day so you know where to find them. Business stories are now under their own little mini section, called Money. The fonts and overall page design has been cleaned up and simplified.

We wanted to mirror those changes. And on Wednesday, we flipped the switch.

So come, take a tour with me around the new and improved homepage of the Ahwatukee Foothills News (this works best if you're actually at your computer as you read this, so I'll wait as you fire up your browser).

...Ready? OK.

The first thing you'll notice when loads is the new masthead in all its glory. I don't know if you remember, or even noticed our logo before, but it was squished down to the size of that "login" box next to the banner ad. We thought it needed some more "oomph."

Below the masthead, you'll see our section tabs have been updated and reorganized. Under News you'll find Local News, which is Ahwatukee-specific stuff; City News, which is coverage on the state Legislature, Phoenix mayoral race, plus some Valley and state news as well; Money, which is business stories; and News Briefs, like the ones you find on page 7 of the print edition.

Under Community, the only thing that really changed was the name Someone to Love, formerly Pet of the Week. Neighbors, Obituaries, Schools and Calendar remain the same.

Under Opinion, you can see all our past ‘Tukee Talks, Commentaries, Letters to the Editor, and a form to submit letters to us.

Sports and Rec now has a GameDay section for all you high school football fans out there. Sports Briefs and Jason P. Skoda's blog can be found there as well.

And, of course, Classifieds still allows you to browse and place your ads.

Below the tabs is "Featured Links." This is cool. This is where we put links to specific stories, topics or special sections (like Friday's Ahwatukee Medical) that we think will be of particular interest to you, so keep an eye on it as it changes daily!

Scrolling down, you'll see our template has changed. Our three columns are now the same width, which we thought looked cleaner and more simplified, which was the same idea behind the changes we've made to the page design in print.

We've moved Sports up higher since we know it's of high interest to you readers.

Our E-edition is now in the right-hand column with a much larger thumbnail, making it easier to find.

Our Someone to Love and In Your Neighborhood features have been given much more prominent placement. In the Calendar feature, the Here and Near are now marked with icons to make them stand out. Click on the word "Calendar" itself for the list of more events.

Further down you can find the Community, Money and Opinion stories, and toward the bottom you can see our slideshows, videos, Arts & Life content, and, this week, a very special online poll.

I'm very interested to see the results of this poll and I encourage all of you who have been following along on this tour to participate, because here is your chance to give us feedback on how you like these changes.

There are still plenty of things to tweak and improve upon, but what do you think, Ahwatukee? Are these changes we've made on the right track?

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Why can't you do the electronic (PDF) edition in one file, so that one can thumb thru, page-by-page? Most of my magazines are on-line that way. Having to download individual pages is a pain in the....[sad]

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