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Pinterest has changed the world of mothering.

I remember birthday parties I went to as a kid either had a lot of store-bought decorations or just simple streamers, hats and balloons.

Now the whole house has to fit a theme. If your house is not decorated with homemade piñatas and tissue paper balls and you don’t have at least three different desserts in a creative and beautiful display, you’re falling behind. Some other mother out there is showing you up all over Pinterest.

Especially for working moms, princess-themed cake pops with icing crowns may be too time consuming. The thought of running to a local bakery, coming up with games and trying to keep the house clean is overwhelming.

But – there’s help. Stephanie Antoinette has found a way to help working moms keep up with all the super moms out there and still have time to actually enjoy the family.

She calls herself a Master of Multitasking, or MOM. She has created a business to be a concierge for moms who need help finding all the best for their baby or child.

It can start as early as pregnancy. When a mom calls J’aime la Vie by Victoria Antoinette, they can find help choosing a photographer, a doula, a nanny, nursery and playroom designer, event planner for the baby shower and gender reveal party and even a pet trainer. Once the baby is born she can provide recommendations for housekeeping services, kid’s birthday parties and religious ceremonies. Anything you need – Stephanie Antoinette can help.

Antoinette spent years as a corporate event planner with a company based in Phoenix. Eventually she began planning showers and parties for close friends and decided starting her own company would be a good way to be able to spend more time with her own kids. With two kids of her own and one more on the way she’s become somewhat of an expert in what the Valley has to offer kids anyway.

“A lot of my research that I’ve done happens to be with other mothers,” she said. “That’s one of the biggest resources any mother can use. I also did a lot of research on the internet. I moved to Arizona about five years ago. When I moved here it was great to get advice on certain things but friends that live in Minnesota or New York aren’t going to be able to tell me where to go in the Valley for a baker or florist or an event venue. That I had to do myself. I consider myself a bit of a super mom. I was working a corporate job of 60 hours a week and then having to find all the right places to go. It was a lot of trial and error on my part.”

The concept is unique but Antoinette said it is gaining popularity on the East Coast and in Los Angeles. Her business is especially targeted to working moms.

“I took a lot of consideration pricing my services out,” she said. “This is designed for working moms. I was a working mom. I made good money but not hundreds of thousands a year. I just didn’t have the time to put together a birthday party or if I wanted to plan a shower for my friend. I put together prices that are very reasonable and when combined with the discounts you get by using my florist or my photographer, my discounts pay for themselves and then you have someone who takes the work out of planning and setting up.”

Of course any mother knows that sometimes what worked best for someone else doesn’t always work for you, especially when it comes to raising a child. But Antoinette said the success of her business will depend on how well she listens to the mothers she helps. Her arsenal of resources includes a variety of the most dependable and trustworthy businesses out there and she’s confident she can find what any mom is looking for. To contact her visit www.jlvbebeconcierge.com.

While there will still be mothers searching Pinterest at 3 a.m. for the best craft for that birthday party or a new punch recipe for their best friend’s baby shower it’s nice to know you don’t have to. You can still be super mom and leave the work to someone else.

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