Whisky and Mookie

Kim DeVoss adopted Whisky and Mookie (formerly Milkshake) from Cactus Cats animal rescue.

I have been reading the Ahwatukee Foothills News for many years and appreciate the community outreach the newspaper does so well.

Last July, I saw an article in the AFN about two abandoned cats: Whiskey and Milkshake. The picture touched my heart, so I brought it home to my husband. We had a long discussion, as we had lost our two family cat members within the last two years. We were unsure of whether to adopt again and risk the heartache that some day they will pass away, too. We decided to go meet Whiskey and Milkshake to make our decision.

Well, of course these two furry love bugs were too hard to resist and we adopted them from the Lost Our Home pet shelter. They were living in a very well maintained house with 129 cats. The home is run by Rob Willhoit. He is doing an awesome job rescuing cats and keeping them fed and well taken care of.

Whiskey and Milkshake were abandoned in a foreclosed house, and left with no food or water. A neighbor called Lost Our Home and they took the cats in. As a side note, the shelter really wanted the two cats to be adopted together.

As you can see by my submitted photo of them, it would have been cruel to separate them. They just love each other, and good for the shelter for insisting they be adopted together.

When we met them both we just fell in love and adopted them right on the spot. We have never been sorry.

I sit here writing this at home as I am recovering from the flu and both cats are on the bed with me. They are such a comfort, an unconditional love that warms your soul. I can’t imagine our lives without them.

Thank you so much for the AFN paper, which allows humble people like us to find two such regal creatures who have made our lives so warm and wonderful. You have made a big difference in our lives!

• Ahwatukee Foothills resident Kim DeVoss, CFP, is a local financial advisor for Edward Jones. Reach her at (480) 785-4751 or Kim.DeVoss@edwardjones.com.

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