As you look through the paper today, you may notice a few changes. We are very excited to be able to bring you our news content in a format that should be more accessible and consistent, giving a better experience to you, our readers.

Our goal continues to be the first, best and most trusted resource for community news and information, a tradition we have continued for 33 years.

In our new layout, the first thing you will see when you open the paper is news about you in the In Your Neighborhood section. When one of our neighbors does something noteworthy, whether that is serving the community or making a significant accomplishment, we will profile our neighbor and what they have done. This page will also serve as the home for our pet of the week feature which we renamed Someone To Love.

This column, ‘Tukee Talk, is one of the new things that will be an anchored feature piece in the newspaper. More than simply giving an opinion or advice, this column will be written about personal experiences or as part of a larger discussion of the events, topics and issues that impact Ahwatukee. Along with a quote of the day and a look at the date in history, this page will hopefully serve as a catalyst for conversation.

On the facing page, you will see a new combined events calendar. This calendar will give you the important community events as well as the best offerings for entertainment and things to do in the coming weeks. The Here and Near feature in the calendar will highlight key events that you won't want to miss.

The organization should enable the events that interest you most to catch your eye and jump off the page at you.

Page 6 will be the Community page and will serve as the lead news page inside the paper. We are also adding a daily Money section to the paper for stronger business content throughout the week to complement our expanded Money section in the Sunday paper. Opinion, Arts & Life, and Sports & Rec will round out the rest of the paper.

Opinion has added editorial cartoons to the mix, and will still have opinions from contributors and staff as well as letters from the community.

Arts & Life will be home for food, dining and entertainment content in more of a feature format. Sports will continue its track record as the best place to find local coverage of the athletes and schools that call Ahwatukee home.

In all of these sections our writers will not only be reporting the facts of the news, but also how that news impacts and shapes our community. As part of a larger discourse of topics and events, we hope the newspaper will serve as a mouthpiece for the community on the things that matter the most.

Overall, we hope to deliver the content most important to Ahwatukee in a more consistent manner and provide a more valuable reading experience.

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