Seeing a need for United Way’s service to communities, a former Ahwatukee Foothills resident will be working with the organization to make that service happen.

Marty Gibson lived in, and loved Ahwatukee, for 25 years. Since moving to Scottsdale for a shorter commute to work at Scottsdale Insurance Company, Gibson got the chance to see yet another change of scenery.

Gibson is training to work in conjunction with United Way’s campaign managers through the Loaned Executives Program.

For the program, United Way receives about 25 loaned executives a year from a range of companies to work full time. They educate donors of United Way on the benefits of investing in their local communities and raising money for services.

As one of those 25 workers, Gibson will be able to make sure the organization’s campaign costs are low, so they can keep money going out to the community.

“Given the state of the economy, there is a greater need for what United Way does than ever before,” Gibson said. “Essentially what we’re doing stays in Maricopa County.”

Valley of the Sun United Way is a nonprofit group that focuses on health and human services.

As the largest in the county, United Way offers programs for homelessness, ending child hunger, and supporting education.

As the only loaned executive coming from his company, Gibson said he is honored to offer his skills to United Way.

“It’s very much a team atmosphere, they do good things for the right reasons,” Gibson said of the organization.

Last year 23 companies in the Valley sponsored employees to United Way’s program.

United Way’s efforts go directly to agencies they partner with, he added. Those efforts also have a direct impact on youth and children.

Gibson admitted he misses Ahwatukee, saying that Scottsdale “doesn’t have the same community vibe.”

Though the new loaned executive, originally from Long Island, N.Y., said the closer commute to work is a plus side of the move, he didn’t hesitate to say he may find himself in Ahwatukee Foothills again.

“Who knows, I may be back,” Gibson added.

The Ahwatukee charm never fails.

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