I met Marcia Schafer four years ago while doing a story about an animal adoption event for a local agency. I talked to her about the organization and later asked what her real job was. She told me she was a business consultant but if I wanted to know more it had to be off the record.

I was somewhat intrigued so I obliged as what she did wasn’t pertinent to the story.

She told me some details about what she did — travel the world providing consultations — but it was the how that made me raise an eyebrow.

Schafer granted me another interview recently and put details of her work “on the record.” It’s something I had been interested in doing since that day four years ago when she told me that in a past life, I was a monk in medieval Europe.

Schafer is Ahwatukee Foothills’ resident psychic who has had regular contact with extraterrestrials since she was a baby. There’s more to it too, and she uses these experiences and abilities in her job as an “unusual business consultant.”

I’m still not sure if I believe everything she has told me, but I want to. It adds depth to the notion that life is more than what we can see.

Schafer also does personal consultation in addition to working with businesses and told me that she often works with people who come from religious backgrounds. They come to her looking for a little clarity and she draws from her experiences to give them advice.

“My premise is that we have to think for ourselves… and think about everyday life and beyond,” she said. “What I do is not a religious approach, it’s a spiritual approach… of people learning to figure things out for themselves and the age old questions.”

Like she did with me, Schafer starts by looking at what the person has done in previous lives. She takes that information and uses it to help guide them in whatever direction they need help with — in their careers or personal life.

She calls it a person’s reincarnational journey and the number of previous lives she sees varies from person to person. The ones she does see she uses to help them with their current day problems.

“They are ordinary people from yesterday with similar problems to today,” Schafer said. “There are correlations in what people do.”

Being able to see the past is not the only gift she was given. Schafer says she has had contact with extraterrestrials since she was a baby. She has interacted with different species on a regular basis, who she says are here on earth today and have been for a long time.

These species have a vested interest in the human race, Schafer says, and there is coming a time when they will reveal themselves to the people of earth. It will have something to do with the future commercialization of space.

“They have different, more advanced knowledge of time space and reality,” she said. “It allows them to navigate different in current sphere of reality. Throughout my life, I observed them and forced myself to remember and through that I was able to have greater involvement with them.”

The contact allowed Schafer to understand her other talents more thoroughly. She described the interactions with the different alien species as “spiritual” and she separated them into two physical groups. One is biological while the other group has evolved past the use of bodies.

They have told her they are stepping up their appearances over populated areas in recent years to prepare humans for when they reveal their nature on earth to the population.

“It seems to me that there is a lot of work going on with populations throughout the world,” Schafer said. “Thousands of people reporting they have had ET encounters. It’s becoming much more common and I suspect they might be working with individual pockets of civilization.”

She said in her own previous lives she has had these same gifts and they have carried over as she was reincarnated. It wasn’t until she was in her 30s that Schafer decided to embrace these gifts for what they are.

“My own personal belief system is because I have had psychic ability in many other lifetimes,” she said. “I have had these skills for a long time. But after so long I got tired of being afraid of it — the paranormal and spirit contact.”

As stated previously, Schafer is passionate about helping animals and works with them through her business. She also holds a master’s degree in business administration and a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Whatever you believe, there is something about Marcia Schafer that can’t be put into words. She has a presence about her and at the very least she makes you think, which is never a bad thing.

There are articles and interviews online with Schafer if you would like to know more. Her website can be found at www.beyondzebra.com.

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