Students all across the state are taking the AIMS test this week.

At most schools, that simply means a week of testing. But at Kyrene Monte Vista Elementary, it means Project Brain Power is back in full swing.

Each child taking tests will get a healthy snack each morning, courtesy of Monte Vista’s Parent Teacher Organization.

“We bring in fruits and veggies and things for snacks,” said Sandy Money, the PTO’s co-vice president. “Every day we’re testing for AIMS, we make sure they have something good to eat.”

All public school students in grades 2 through high school are required to take state assessments test each year, so schools usually go out of their way to remind students and parents about testing weeks.

This year, Monte Vista parents will spend each afternoon preparing about 350 snacks to give to the second- through fifth-graders taking the tests the following morning.

Project Brain Power has become a tradition at the school for the past four years, and it’s something the kids tend to talk about at home, Money said.

“It’s simple, but fun,” Money said.

The parents take special care to assure they aren’t passing out foods that will cause any allergic reactions, Money said. But just in case a parent wants to be extra careful, kids with food allergies can come to school with their own healthy  snacks each day instead of getting one from Project Brain Power.

The Kyrene Elementary School District regularly sends around tips for parents to prepare kids for tests, said district spokeswoman Nancy Dudenhoefer. Those tips include getting a full night’s sleep, getting to school on time and being sure to have a healthy breakfast.

And Project Brain Power is just another way to provide that reminder, Money said.

“It just reminds them that they should eat well and get sleep before the test,” she said.

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