Estrella Mountain Regional Park didn’t hinder Kyrene Altadeña Middle School’s all-star, Morgan Foster, who dominated the field of 226 runners from start to finish over the mole hill-laden 2.1-mile course, outdistancing herself from second place by an unvanquishable 20 seconds.

Foster’s time of 13:07 led her team to sixth place out of the 31 teams that competed.

Other top 30 area performers were Caroline Liddy of Kyrene Aprende Middle School, who capped off her season with seventh place (13:48), Jamelah Carswell of Altadeña scooped up 14th place (14:09), Soraya Holley of Akimel-A-al finished 26th (14:33), and Brooke Eversen of Aprende 29th (14:37).

On the boys side, Altadeña’s fab five finished in the top 32 spots in the race, earning fourth place as a team in the field of 232 athletes. The combination of Reece Donihi in 13th (12:47), Hayes Dush in 20th (13:01), Jay Iannone in 26th (13:09), Keith Kolebar in 27th (13:15), and the Bass Brothers, Lucas and Sam, in 32nd (13:17) and 33rd (13:18), respectively, put the team in good standing, while Tuba City Boarding School took the overall team title.

Other top 30 area finishers were Aprende’s Graham Eversden in 10th (12:44) and teammate Terence Martin in 23rd (13:05).

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