Let it fly

Desert Vista quarterback Cade van Raaphorst had a rough debut.

By Jason P. Skoda, AFN

SAN DIEGO – Cade van Raaphorst understood the decision; he just wishes it never got to that point.

The Desert Vista junior quarterback didn’t play he was capable of in his first varsity start as he had two fumbles and interception. Additionally, there were two bobbled snaps, four other fumbles and several errant throws.

Toward the end of the second quarter, Desert Vista coach Dan Hinds went to back up Brendon Smith for two drives but went back to Van Raaphorst for the entire second half.

“I trust the coaches and their decision,” he said. “It was their way of trying to get me to wake up and it worked. They are behind me and I am behind them. It’s a trust factor we need to have. Whatever needs to be done for the good of the team.”

His interception came on an athletic play by Zach Warner, who also had a blocked punt, but the fumbles – a total of six – clearly have to be cleaned up. It gave Mission Hills a short field time and again, but the defense did its part to limit the damage.

“A lot if it was jitters and there is no excuse for what happened on the field,” said van Raaphorst. “I need to step up and prepare myself to get better the next few weeks. It’s all about bouncing back.

“Once you get on the field and get a plays on your belt you realize you don’t have choice but to step up. I shouldn’t have put my defense in those situations.”

Van Raaphorst finished with 13 carries for minus-1 yard and 13 of 26 for 113 yards.

Hinds didn’t want to create a quarterback situation but felt the decision to put in Smith was the right thing to do at the time.

“We gave (Smith) a look and let Cade catch his breath,” Hinds said. “He had a lot of pressure on him being his first varsity start and we felt like it was a good spot to let him take a step back. He was playing like the whole world is on his shoulders and that’s not the case. He will be fine once he realizes that.”

Belles explains

Hamilton coach Steve Belles said at halftime of the Desert Vista game and before his Huskies took on Eastlake that if he had realized the commotion he caused by being on the Mountain Pointe sidelines at Sollenberger Classic in Las Vegas last week he’d never would have accepted the passes from Bishop Gorman.

As it were Mountain Pointe principal Bruce Kipper and Belles’ exchanged caused a stir.

“I wasn’t there to scout anyone,” said Belles, who stood in the far corner of one of the end zones. “We had two Arizona teams there and I was there in support. I was in the far end zone and if I was there to scout I would have gotten a better vantage point. (The heated discussion) shouldn’t have gotten to the point it did but sometimes ego takes over.”

Battle tested

The Battles, defensive coordinator Greg and principal Anna, flew in Saturday morning, landing around 9 a.m. after watching their son, Anders, play for Northern Arizona as the Lumberjacks took on Arizona on Friday night in Tucson.


Senior Anthony Abbadessa will miss his entire senior season with a shoulder injury. He’s known about it since early July so he has had time to digest it, but it was still hard to watch the his senior class go to work and he couldn’t.

“You want to be out there with them,” he said. “It’s tough.”

Abbadessa is lucky in that his main sport is lacrosse and his injury hasn't changed the status of playing next year at Colgate.

Familiar face

Desert Vista line coach and Arizona State product Brent Miller and his O-Line coach at Mission Hills Thomas Altieri met once before.

When Altieri came on his official visit at ASU, Miller was his host. It led to a few hugs before the teams took the field.

Miller confessed couldn't really remember Altieri at first.

"You remember the guys older than you more than the young recruits," Miller said.

Nice upgrade

The campus at Cathedral Catholic was gorgeous and sits on an amazing plot of land.

It wasn't always the case as the school used to be known as University of San Diego High School and was located next door to USD.

Golfer Phil Mickelson is probably the most famous alum.

In 2005 the school opened up the new campus and has top of the line facilities to go along with the beauty.

The pain is coming

One of the players forgot a good portion of his uniform in the locker room. He’ll be regretting it come Monday when team procedure means 100 up downs for each article left behind.

Hopefully, said player can negotiate down from 600.

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