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Connor Bagnall swims the backstroke during Desert Vista swim practice on Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2013.

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In another strong display of team depth, the DV Girls Swim & Dive team ran its dual meet record to 6-0 by defeating Chaparral at Cactus Pool in Scottsdale on Thursday 118-65.

The Thunder have won all six dual meets this season by more than 40 points while taking on some of the highest ranked teams in the state.

DV relay teams won all three relay events and juniors Cece Kowalski (200 FR, 500 FR) and Penny Nichols (100 FL, 100 BA) were double individual event winners. Other race winners included senior Bailee Blankemeier (200 IM) and sophomore Annabella Ankeney (100 FR).

As with every dual meet this year, DV’s girls got off to a fast start by winning the 200 Medley Relay, this time with DV-A (Nichols, Eliza Quah, Jessica Goswick, Breanna Larchick) defeating Chaparral-A by more than four second. DV-B (Erin Spielman, Emma Utagawa, Noelle Lavigne, Sydney Garvy) placed third.

As she has so many times over the past three years, Kowalski got the individual events started successfully by winning the 200 Free leading a 1-2-4 finish ahead of Annabella Ankeney and Maddie Kovacs. And as she has consistently for four years, Blankemeier won her specialty, the 200IM, this time ahead of high end competition from Chaparral. When Larchick finished second in the 50 Free, DV had a 14 point lead by the break.

In the dive competition both Vanessa Davis (1st with 177 points) and Cameryn Yow (3rd with 148) achieved PRs and added to DV’s point lead.

After the break Nichols and Blankemeier went 1-2 in the 100 Fly to extend DV’s lead to 20. A. Ankeney then won the 100 Free convincingly before Kowalski, Spielman, and Kovacs put the meet away with a sweep in the 500 Free.

DV-A (E. Ankeney, Larchick, Kowalski, A. Ankeney) and DV-B (Lavigne, Blankemeier, Lauren Gaines, Kovacs) then finished 1-3 in the 200 Free Relay and the only question was whether DV would win by more than 40 yet again.

That question was answered affirmatively when Nichols, Garvy, and Spielman went 1-3-4 in the 100 Back, Quah and Utagawa finished 2-3 in the 100 Breast, and DV-A (Kowalski, E. Ankeney, Blankemeier, A. Ankeney) and DV-B (Larchick, Kovacs, Nichols, Gaines) closed the meet with a 1-3 placement in the 400 Free Relay.

In a much anticipated showdown, DV Boys Swim & Dive defeated Chaparral 105-81 at Cactus Pool in Scottsdale on Thursday. In the process DV ran its dual meet record to 5-1.

It is a truism that in dual meets, depth wins and that adage was proven true in this meet.

DV actually placed first in only four of 12 events: the 200 Free Relay, Michael Hopper in the dive competition, and two individual wins by junior Dieter Benz (200 Free, 100 Free). But DV won the meet by using superior team depth to consistently outpoint Chaparral even in events when Firebird swimmers finished first.

This meet featured two of the top teams in the state. Coming in, Chaparral, like DV, had only one close loss to Brophy marring an otherwise perfect dual meet record.

The Firebirds’ high end talent was on immediate display when CHS-A won the opening 200 Medley Relay by nearly five seconds.

But as was the case throughout the meet, DV kept the score close by taking second (DV-A: Josh Vedder, Trey Roggenstein, Connor Bagnall, Aiden Schramm), third (DV-B: Lawrence Hu, Miles Dunn, Alex Van Alstine, Clark Quattrocchi) and fourth (DV-C: Jarrett Eshima, Aaron Beauchamp, Brian Beutler, Nikolai Phalen).

While the latter didn’t count for points, it was an indication of the balance of DV’s squad that would prove key to winning the meet.

In the first individual event, Benz, Grant Bowers, and Matt Beutler went 1-3-4 in the 200 Free to establish a lead that DV would not relinquish. Then in the 200IM, DV managed a 2-3-4 finish (Roggenstein, Bagnall, Tyler Dennis) winning the points total 9-7 despite a first place swim from Chaparral’s Marcelo Quarante.

Similarly, Quattrocchi, Schramm, and Phalen went 2-3-4 behind Chaparral’s nationally-ranked freshman Ryan Hoffer in the 50 Free. Each race marginally extended DV’s lead to a modest eight points at the break.

The same situation occurred in the 100 Fly: Hoffer won easily, but Bagnall, B. Beutler and Van Alstine finished 2-3-4;.

Benz then won the 100 Free and, in the process, ran his season record in dual meets to 11 wins in 11 races. Vedder and Schramm finished 3rd and 4th to stretch DV’s lead to 16.

The subsequent 500 Free turned out to be the only race on the day in which DV didn’t win or place, with Bowers, M. Beutler, and Dennis finishing 3-4-5.

DV-A (Benz, Vedder, Bowers, Schramm) hung on for a thrilling three-tenths of a second victory in the 200 Free Relay over CHS-A with DV-B (M. Beutler, Phalen, Van Alstine, Quattrocchi) coming in third.

In the 100 Back (Vedder, Hu, B. Beutler) and the 100 Breast (Dunn, Roggenstein, Beauchamp) each repeated the 2-3-4 points wins. Finally, with the outcome no longer in doubt, DV-A (Bowers, Bagnall, Dennis, Roggenstein) and DV-B (Van Alstine, M. Beutler, B. Beutler, Benz) finished 2-3.

Combined with Hopper, Jason Baker and Ryan Gardner finishing 1-3-4 in the diving competition, the final margin of victory was set at 24 points. Despite placing first in only a third of the meet’s events, DV won a convincing victory by having three points scorers in every event and winning the points totals in seven of the eight individual events. Indeed: in dual meets depth wins.

This story was submitted by the DV swim team.

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