At times she thought no one noticed.

But they did, and Terah Fullman has been named this year’s Scholar Student/Athlete of the year at Horizon Honors High School.

It was hard not to notice Fullman, who has been a key player on the Eagles girls volleyball team that made the semifinals for the first time this season. Fuller also won the state 800-meter championship this spring.

She was having fun in athletics and didn’t seek recognition.

“Sometimes you don’t feel noticed,” Fullman said. “I’ve been playing with some amazing athletes here and this year I did feel noticed.”

Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Mo., noticed her, too, and she will be headed there this fall on a volleyball scholarship.

She has a 3.5 GPA and plans on majoring in sports science as a prerequisite for a physical therapy career.

It’s a career she is familiar with from the other side of the table.

“I was hurt a lot,” Fullman said with a grin, “mostly it was ankles from playing volleyball.”

That didn’t keep her from looking forward to playing in college.

“Volleyball is a team sport and I wanted that bonding and sisterhood once I was away from home,” she said.

In her first full season of running the 800 meters Fullman won a state championship and was half a step behind at the finish line in the 300-meter hurdles.

“The last three years my focus had been on the 300 and the 400 (meters),” Fullman said. “But I hated the 400 because it’s very painful. When we got a new coach this year I wanted to try something different. The 800 isn’t a killer. It’s a fun race, and I wanted to have fun my senior year.”

Fullman got into track in elementary school at Horizon and ran with the middle school team. She was introduced to volleyball in the seventh grade and made that her primary focus.

“I started playing and love it,” Fullman said. “It just went from there.”

Now she has been playing year-round in club volleyball.

Fullman has a varied background in athletics.

She has played soccer, softball, baseball, track and volleyball. She has also been involved in gymnastics and ice skating.

“I think playing a lot of different sports when you’re young really helps,” Fullman said. “It trains your body, but the reason I did several sports when I was younger is because they were fun.”

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