Over the summer junior Tylor Wimbish grew into his role on the Mountain Pointe boys basketball team in a way that wasn’t measured only by a yardstick.

“When he came in as a freshman he was a 6-foot point guard,” Mountain Pointe coach Brian Fleming said. “Now he’s 6-5 or 6-6 and has really come on and improved.”

Wimbish spent last season on the junior varsity but then shot up 5 inches over the summer.

He also attracted the attention of Mountain Pointe boys volleyball coach Fred Mann.

“I never played volleyball before,” Wimbish said, “but coach Mann asked me if I wanted to try out because I’m tall.”

He played on the junior varsity most of last year and put on a varsity uniform toward the end of last year when the Pride won the boys state 5A-I championship.

Wimbish’s sister, who is a year younger, also plays volleyball.

“So I knew a little bit about volleyball, and she could help me out,” he said. “I don’t know if one is physically harder than another, but there’s a lot of jumping up and down in volleyball, and I get tired sometimes.”

Wimbish will likely be a middle blocker on the Pride boys team after the basketball season ends in early spring.

But being the tallest player on the basketball team didn’t automatically give him a spot on the squad this season.

First, Wimbish had to make the major adjustment to the pace and intensity of the varsity game.

Then, he had to fit in.

“I worked hard over the summer and since the basketball season started,” Wimbish said.

He has already been making a contribution.

Wimbish scored a team-high 25 points when the Pride played Santa Rita in the VistMesa.Com Basketball Challenge at Mesa Mountain View over the Christmas break.

Although he is a newcomer to the varsity team Wimbish isn’t a stranger to other varsity players Mike Ramirez, Davon Jones, Stevie Knox and Israel Marshall.

“We’ve all played club ball together, so we pretty much know what we’re supposed to do and where we’re supposed to be,” Wimbish said.

That has helped Wimbish blend into the lineup.

“They’ve been together for a long time and played together over the summer so I don’t think it was as much of a jump going from junior varsity to varsity for him as it can be for other players,” Fleming explained. “I guess he’s a pretty good volleyball player, too.”

Wimbish has already been drawing interest from college recruiters.

“The U.S. Navy Academy is interested and some Ivy League schools want to see more of him,” Fleming said. “I’m not surprised because he’s made a major improvement on the court and in the classroom and he’s just really a good kid.”

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