He’s a quadruple threat every time he’s on the field.

And, well, Anders Battle is always - and we do mean always - on the field.

“One time (against Tucson),” Battle explains. “One time to fix my shoe. I had to take care of that.”

The Desert Vista senior, and his coach, struggled to remember another point that game, at least until the game was in its waning minutes.

“I think even if we had the athletes to platoon like that, Anders would still be out there, for me,” said Desert Vista coach Dan Hinds.

In an era of specialization where players more frequently choose only one sport, one position, to dedicate their entire athletic being, this Desert Vista senior’s repertoire is just about as diverse as it gets.

During his time with the DV varsity team over the past few seasons, Battle has lined up at receiver and in the backfield on offense, at cornerback on defense, often returns punts and kicks, and has served a specials teams gunner as well.

Hinds said Battle’s success as a multi-skilled athlete has as much to do with his ability as it does his endurance.

“He’s in such great condition,” Hinds said. “I can look at guys faces and tell whether they’re getting gassed or not. Not with Anders.”

Hinds said its hard to pinpoint where Battle - who ran for 93 yards on eight carries with two touchdowns in DV’s opener two weeks ago - most helps the Thunder. Is it at running back? On defense?

“It’s hard to say,” Hinds said. “Our game is going to be on the radio this week and I was talking to the radio guys and they asked me that. I just couldn’t answer that. He’s so good at both.”

Adds Anders, the third of four Battle brothers, including former DV football standouts Avory and Allante: “I like defense the best,” he said. “I know where the receivers are going. I like being able to stop them before they can get out and make a big play.”

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