Devon Grubbs carries on for injured older brother Tyson

Brothers Tyson (left) and Devon Grubbs have a bond that has only grown stronger as the Desert Vista football season has progressed.

After every one of his touchdown runs in Desert Vista’s 66-23 blowout win over Boulder Creek on Friday, and there were five of them, Thunder freshman running back Devon Grubbs was met with an embrace from his older brother, Tyson.

“I’m happy he can represent our family,” Tyson said. “We’ve always worked hard. Our parents have taught us to work hard. Even though I’m out, he’s able to show how hard we strive for what we want.”

Tyson, a junior running back for the Thunder, has been sidelined with a broken bone and torn ligament in his right foot since Sept. 21, and will miss the remainder of the season. He was DV’s rushing leader.

In his absence, little brother Devon Grubbs rushed for 231 yards – more than in his first four varsity games combined – and five touchdowns, four of them 20 yards or longer. Every time Devon ran off the field, he went straight to Tyson.

“He kept telling me good job and to keep my head up,” Devon said. “He always shows me support. It’s hard for him because he loves the game so much.”

Tyson was overcome with emotion at the conclusion of the game, embracing Devon, Hinds and other DV teammates. Not being able to compete alongside them has been difficult, especially given the success they have had this season. The Thunder are 7-1.

“I love this team. I want to compete for them,” Tyson said. “I’m not going to get this time again with some of the seniors. This is a time I really wanted to do something for them.”

Tyson Grubbs rushed for 678 yards and 11 touchdowns in the Thunder’s first five games.

“It’s hard for Tyson,” Desert Vista coach Dan Hinds said. “Injuries are the worst thing about football. They’re the thing we have least control over but affects us the most. Tyson is a strong young man and he will come out a lot stronger when he gets through this thing.”

Devon Grubbs, along with junior running back Colby Humphrey, stepped in to lead the Thunder.

The bond between the Grubbs brothers has caught the attention of Hinds and his coaching staff. When Tyson enjoyed success early in the season, it was Devon cheering him on from the sideline.

And even though the script has flipped, the two have only grown closer. Devon looks to continue playing a vital role in Desert Vista’s offense as it thunders toward the playoffs.

No matter how it plays out, Tyson will be there for him.

“We grew up fighting a lot but at the end of the day we were always there for each other,” Tyson said. “We love each other like that. We just want what’s best for each other.”

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